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Submission + - Domino's Delivery Robots

frovingslosh writes: Look like Domino's has an answer to the forced increases in minimum wage, delivery robot overlords. Testing has started in Australia, although from the video the device doesn't look like it would be street legal or urban youth safe here.

The Domino’s Robotic Unit, or DRU, features pop-up storage compartments for hot foods and cold drinks. You just load it up, set a destination, and obstacle avoidance technology keeps it from running into anything along the way.

Submission + - Mass shooter is an Uber driver

frovingslosh writes: It turns out that the Kalamazoo shooter was an alleged Uber driver. Perhaps this will finally allow us to put an end to the nightmare that is Uber. Think of the children. If you're still not convinced look at the article, it even includes the completely unrelated picture of the Muslim terrorists who went on a killing spree in California.

Submission + - AVG causing false web analytics 1

frovingslosh writes: A story at The Register is reporting that the new version of AVG anti-virus scanner is causing major problems for websites, it adds "a tool that automatically scans search engine results before you click on them. If you search Google, for instance, and ten results turn up, it visits all ten links to ensure they're malware free." This is throwing website statistics way off, as well as burning through bandwidth for small sites that happen to hit high on a Google search for a particular term. Also from the article: "If AVG does mask its user agent — and fails to provide another workaround — its ghost traffic looks exactly like real traffic. And then the web is in trouble. After all, 50 million AVG users have yet to upgrade." And no mention that the very popular AVG Free seems to be going away, to be replaced by a for pay only version.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Radio Shack Layoffs by e-mail

frovingslosh writes: AP is reporting that Radio Shack has laid off about 400 people by e-mail.

I personally see it as a good thing that no one in the company has any technical skills or knowledge of the Internet, otherwise some employee who took offence at the way this was done could easily send out e-mail with forged headers and lay off the rest of the company too. I'm not advocating that, of course, that would be wrong.

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