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Comment Great System (Score 1) 93

Authorities have said only drivers with odd-numbered registration plates can drive in the capital region on Wednesday. ....

Great System. Rich self entitled bastards with multiple cars get to drive whenever they want, working stiffs trying to get to their jobs have another burden. Also, if people have multiple vehicles and one is a small relatively clean and efficient vehicle and the other is a large dirty low mileage vehicle, this law tells them to drive the dirty inefficient vehicle some of the time.

Comment After Criticism (Score 2, Interesting) 61

I often used the NEWS link in Google search to filter out the results I got back on a search to current item of interest. For example, if I'm concerned about a particular recent earthquake I use the NEWS link to focus my search result to just recent news rather than encyclopedia like entries about earthquakes in general. It sucks if Google is removing this feature, and it sucks even more if it is being done because of "Criticism". And all this while fake news sites like CNN and the New York Times and the Washington Post continue to operate.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm more anal-retentive than most (Score 1) 168

First of all, the other 69 laptops are mine. In my defense, they made me put them down to run through security theater, but then I got distracted with all of the groping and untested radiating equipment and then they took my guns, blowtorch and batarang, so excuse me for being a little stressed and forgetting about the laptops.

Comment Dear David (Score 0, Flamebait) 47

Dear David,

I have an amazing trick to share with you. Each time that I check into Slashdot I scan the headlines of the current stories, back to a story that I saw last time that I was on the site. It isn't hard, I usually don't even have to use the "Older" link at the bottom of the page; Slashdot just doesn't post that much. And I don't have to even read the articles, let alone do any RTFA. If I get to the bottom of the page then "Older" will give me an older set of stories and then I'm caught up.

I can do this in just a few minutes, and I'm not even getting paid to do it. Perhaps you could do this too.

Of course, I realize that it would be a LOT more work than you put into your job now, and obviously your superiors don't give a damn about how well you actually do your job. It was just a suggestion and I'm pretty sure that you'll ignore it.

Comment Re:another editor fail (Score 1) 89

I see no evidence that the new editors were trained at all. Neither in the selection of new stories nor in the basic proof reading of the summaries. If Tim taught the new staff anything it was what they could get away with. How did I miss out on the job of being a Slashdot editor? I've always wanted a job that involved no physical labor and no mental labor and no oversight of performance.

Comment anotherr editor fail (Score 1) 89

But when will it be illegal for editors to re-post the same stories over and over on Slashdot? I'm not even a paid editor who's job it should be in part to at least keep up with what has already been posted, but I've spotted several stories today that are re-posts of things seen here in recent days. It just isn't that hard to review just the headlines of the stories when you check in to Slashdot going back to the last time you checked in. If simple (and simple minded) readers can spot the dups then someone being compensated as an editor should reasonably be expected to do the same.

Comment Racist! (Score -1, Flamebait) 88

O.K. So Obama's got the N.S.A. working to hack the Russian banking system and start WWIII. So what? Besides, he's black so any suggestion that someone is hacking your banking system is racist. And because you're racist you deserve to be hacked.

There Liberals. I made your argument for you so now you don't have to. You can get back to crying and feeling sorry for yourself and packing to move to Canada because the most hated woman in America didn't win an election. And by the way, thanks for not listening to Bernie when he told you that his polling showed that he could beat Trump and Hillary couldn't. He was right, by the way. The country would have elected even a communist nut job like him over Trump, but they sure wouldn't elect HRC.

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