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Comment Re:But the median college-educated.... (Score 1) 473

I love seeing the TV stories about the guy with a PHD in Philosophy complaining that there are no jobs (other than teaching) in his field and how much debt he has. Clearly this man didn't think things through, and maybe isn't even capable of doing that. And he's not being very philosophical about it.

Comment Re:do what now (Score 4, Informative) 127

The samples don't sound great, and I really wonder how well it does trying to record a conversation rather than one person talking directly into a mic. Still, I would welcome the chance to try an app based on this to see if it could really record your day, although until I can test it I'm a disbeliever.

Comment Foolproof (Score 1) 64

Wow, that's great. There will be absolutely no way for the experienced fraudsters at the electronic bay of thieves to scam the system or make educated guesses about if they should send out the real or counterfeit items. I can now trust eBay completely. Not that there were ever problems before and we all know that any problem this elaborate effort is designed to correct was just an innocent mistake. I'll even be able to buy 5000 mah 18650 batteries from the eBay vendors now. And puppy dogs will go to heaven and all will be wonderful. It is a shame that Obama couldn't have given us this eight years ago and we had to wait for Trump to be about to take office to get this great change.

Comment Avoid Sling (Score 1) 208

the emphasis here is on networks, not shows.

The emphasis isn't really on networks with Sling, it is on cheating the customer. If you look at the $20 "orange" offering from Sling you might not find anything that you want to watch at all (that was the case for me). The $25 "blue" package is a little better, it claims to offer more channels including FXX and National Geographic Wild. But these two channels (and perhaps others) are not really there, they only offer you a handful of archived show episodes to stream on demand, not the regular channel lineup for these networks. And if you have any hope of signing up for Sling and then logging in to a network's web page using Sling as your provider, forget it. Sling isn't accepted as a provider on any of the sites that I wanted to use even though you are supposedly paying for the content. And Sling offers very little streaming content through the Sling apps. By the way, the service is awful too, and I frequently could watch half a show, only to start getting errors blaming my Internet connection and couldn't finish watching the show. Tests of my connection and it speed indicated that the problem was with Sling, not my Internet provider. And don't even get me started on the awful quality of the support staff.

Comment Re:Doesn't help me (Score 1) 156

Use Linux instead :)

If I only used a computer to run an operating system I would give your suggestion a try. Unfortunately, I use a computer to run applications, and many of the ones that I run are not available under Linux. I also support other people and so have to be able to run the programs that they run, not some Linux GPL app that has some of the same features. It isn't realistic for those people to try to use Linux (I'm not even sure that it is realistic for me to do battle with the Linux OS, and I've mastered quite a few OSs over the decades), so I'm still using Windows.

Comment sure are a lot of snowflakes (Score -1, Offtopic) 435

Hillary lost, get over it. Obviously enough people hated her more than they loved the planet. But if you really want to bring out the global warming fake news, you should do it in the summer, not when so many Americans are suffering from an extreme winter storm and would welcome a little more global warming.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 198

You only considered one factor, a cost of replacement batteries (that might be true for Nissan but isn't the price in all cases), but you just ignored all of the other factors such as original higher price that the car costs, annual taxes, and that you still have to pay for the electricity that charges the car.

Comment Doesn't help me (Score 1) 156

I go so tired of seeing Windows 10 insist that there was a mandatory update that I just had to install that instant that it wouldn't let me do anything else until I did (except shut the machine down then reboot, giving me a day before it got bitchy again) that I fixed my Windows system to never get updates. So I guess I'll never get this one.

Comment I call BS (Score 1) 198

I don't believe it is at all cheaper in the long run. And it certainly isn't cheaper if you plan on keeping the car long enough that you have to change out the batteries. Plus, in some states (like mine) there are taxes on the car based on its price, making the greenest cars even more expensive to own. I'm not even sure the green cars are even greener, I believe that if you consider production pollution that green cars may be dirtier (although admittedly I have not seen data that I can trust on this).

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