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Comment Re: Scanning (Score 1) 71

You missed the timing - release the signatures *immediately*, while the documents are still classified. Then, when declassifying the documents, the veracity of the document can be confirmed. Assuming of course that the signature algorithm was sufficiently secure that the agency couldn't create false matches. Though even if they could, there would probably be some suspicious anomalies in the resulting document as it was tweaked to match the original signature.

Of course, if they created the frauds immediately you would be absolutely correct, but in that case there's little point in them keeping the records at all.

But assuming they created the original signatures in good faith, they would prevent undetected tampering between that moment and the eventual declassification. Even if there were redacted portions, at least individuals with clearance to view the originals would be able to verify they weren't tampered with.

As for the "Declassified" stamp, I'm sure some method could be found to include that in a "wrapper" around the original file, or as an easily reversed insertion.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 188

I cannot imagine why you think 4 billion years of climate history is relevant when humans, or anything that we would call human, has only existed for about 4 million years, and human civilization is no more than 10,000 years old.

Your mistake is to assume that thinking is part of the process. I imagine the process is more like

1. See another article on climate change

2. Panic!

3. Reach into bag of (now half rancid and definitely stale) denialist snacks and jam that indigestible mass into mouth to distract yourself

4. Aim mouth at article and spew half digested nonsense in the general direction

5. Run off

6. ??

7. Profit!

Comment Re:Chicken Littles forget the El Nino (as usual) (Score 2) 188

Wouldn't the fact that they specifically mentioned the EL Nino be evidence that the remembered the El Nino, rather than an indication that they forgot about it?

If the recent warming trend is due to the El Nino:

1. Why is 2016 hotter than every other year in which there was an El Nino?

2. Why was the trough of the last La Nina hotter than every La Nina that came before it: and indeed, so hot that that trough was level with the El Nino that happened 10 years prior?

3. Why do you accept the concept of an El Nino at all? Surely if the concept of atmospheric composition impacting climate must be reject for [error! no reason supplied], then El Nino (ocean temperature driving climate) ought to be rejected as well? Explain the logic behind that.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 495

Why would he?

Because it wasn't a free and fair election.

All of the vote stuffing was for Hillary.

Irrelevant: and unproven. The OP said: They can't even handle the results of a democratic election. But it turns out, the Trump propaganda is confused here. If your link is true, then it wasn't a free and fair election. This means the OP is wrong, and every american should be on the streets protesting their liberty. You have a responsibility to protect the liberties of ALL Americans, without regard to how they vote. Why are you still in front of your computer? Do you not believe your own propaganda?

Did Bush get asked to step down while Gore fought his loss?

And the end result was Bush became president. Need I go on?

Comment Re: Won't be long now (Score 1) 197

Right. They lover THEIR freedom to impose their ridiculous beliefs on rest of us, charge a tax for non believers, or just kill us if we don't convert (depends on circumstances).

If you can be killed by what someone is thinking on the other side of the world or their thoughts somehow impose themselves on your thoughts so that you are unable to sustain your pre-existing beliefs, then I'm - no, wait. No. No, No, I have no words for how stupid that sounds. Let me get back to you.

Comment Re:Such a windbag (Score 1) 127

One solution - pay employees based on productivity rather than hours worked - if automation lets you create twice as much value in the same time, then there's a strong argument to be made that you should get paid twice as much rather than the executives and shareholders pocketing the difference. Or alternately, get paid the same amount for working half as long.

Go the second route and the American Dream becomes far more accessible to far more people. Of course that would require reversing the trend of the last many decades...

Comment Re: So, not really in Vegas... (Score 1) 79

Actually, the "click-thru" agreement you have to accept to activate the Tesla "almost-automatic" mode makes clear that you're expected to stay fully alert and ready to slam on the brakes despite the car being completely oblivious to an impending disaster. (i.e. it's like an airplane autopilot - barely enough good judgment to avoid driving off the road on its own)

And on this front I have to say I consider Musk an irresponsible asshole - human nature pretty much guarantees that almost no one will be able to maintain the state of sustained passive situational awareness necessary to safely operate a Tesla in autopilot mode, so making it available is willful reckless endangerment that allows him to accelerate his development of a fully autonomous system at the price of the lives lost in utterly predictable accidents.

Comment Re: So, not really in Vegas... (Score 1) 79

But what's in it for the driver? They're the person who has to foot the bill, and it seems unlikely that there will be a significant reduction in insurance rates since there's a relatively small percentage of scenarios where such a warning system will prevent accidents. It may even make things worse as drivers come to rely on the warning system rather than their own good judgment.

Plus there's going to be considerable lag between when the warning is issued and when the driver responds. At best, if the driver is constantly poised to slam on the brakes the instant they hear the warning, there will be 1/8th of a second or so of lag as the reaction signals propagate down their slow, slow nerves to activate the necessary muscles. In a more realistic case it's going to take another sizable fraction of a second, possibly even several seconds, for the driver to recognize the relatively unfamiliar sound, decide that they trust the car over their own senses, and decide exactly how to respond.

Comment Re: Great strides (Score 5, Informative) 129

ULA, the launch consortium of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, got $1 billion dollars per year just to maintain "launch readiness". Then they charged $400 million or so for each launch. SpaceX charges about $130 million for cargo launches to the space station. Oh, and do you really think that Boeing or Lockheed Martin paid fully for the development of the Delta or Atlas rockets? SpaceX is providing an essential service for a fraction of the cost of "competitors". The Musk "government subsidy" meme has been a laughable piece of propaganda put forward by Musks competitors, who are themselves recipients of FAR MORE government largesse than Musk could ever hope for. For all I know, repeaters of this meme are in fact getting paid by ULA, GM, Ford, Exxon, or any number of competitors who are likely to lose billions to Musk's companies.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1, Insightful) 495

You're an idiot.

You voted for Trump. Who is the idiot?

Those quotes are not Trump "being offended" like some silly safe spaces cupcake.

That is exactly what they are.

Those are Trump calling it like he sees it and telling off the lying leftists who have tried their damnedest for decades to destroy this country by turning it into a third world cesspool.

Trump is a sociopath, so "calling it like he sees it" is evoking his delusion, not some sort of reflection of reality.

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