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Comment Re:Expect Russia to take advantage (Score 3, Insightful) 102

You mean, except for the whole thing with Crimea, "independent contractors" fielding equipment straight out of russian military depots, and even those little green men fielding weapons only produced for russian special operations units. Or the whole dismantling and transferring to Russia certain production facilities for ceramics needed for the production of new engines for fighters etc.

Comment Re:Why I wait before buying.. (Score 1) 112

The Sam Vimes theory of economy has a lot of basis in reality.

Look at real quality furniture for example. I inherited a kitchen work table that's been in the family for over 120 years. It's been sanded down and re-polished a number of times, but it's still a large thick slab of wood on REALLY sturdy legs. Great for baking or cooking in large batches etc(like say 10 plates of various rolls, bisquits and cookies. At the time it was made, it would have cost a working class family more than a year and a half's income to buy the table. Sure, I could buy something that would last us maybe 20-25 years at best with regular use fairly cheap, but it would still be more expensive in the long run, especially since with proper care, this table I have now could probably last another 100-150 years.

Comment Re:w00t - the K6 bug all over again! (Score 5, Insightful) 112

K5 had a bug like that too. And let's not forget Athlon/Athlon XP era and AGP issues. The Piledriver Opterons required a patch to fix a bug in the hypervisor system which allowed for escape from a VM. AMD has had just as many horrible bugs as Intel, which can be summed up like this: Making flawless high-performance chips is difficult.

Comment Re: Cost of the target. (Score 2) 303

The LCS.... Such a stupid idea to start with. Our Visby class corvette is almost too large for littoral combat at 73m length, especially in dense archipelagos. So what does the US do? They build even LARGER ships for that purpose. Not just longer and wider, but with more draft as well.

Then there's the build quality you mentioned. The one crashing in the Panama Canal was not the first to develop hull cracks. LCS-1 had cracks from firing the Bofors 57mm cannon. And the US Navy tried to blame that on the cannon(as well as supposed accuracy problems), despite the fact that the cannon is used by quite a few navies around the world, without the same problems.

Overall, the LCS are just a clusterfuck.

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