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Comment Re:Taxation (Score 1) 302

Ireland has signed various treaties that make them part of the EU, including economical/financial treaties. And these treaties are at least 20 years old, so they are not Ex Post Facto changes. What the verdict actually means is a stricter enforcement of already-existing treaties and laws, which deals between Irish politicians and Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet etc have contravened.

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 4, Informative) 302

They didn't change the rules afterwards. Irish politicians and corps like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet etc made deals that were in contravention of existing EU treaties and laws. This trial, that has taken years to come to this verdict, goes back to strict enforcement of old treaties and laws

Comment Re:Ex post facto (Score 4, Informative) 302

Except that it's not ex post facto. It's a step towards stricter enforcement, and that's why Ireland is also being spanked pretty hard right now, because the deals they made were in contravention of existing EU legal frameworks and treaties, and were as such illegal and thus invalid. It's enforcement of the actual law, not of an illegal and underhanded deal between irish politicians and various megacorps such as Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and a whole crapton of others.

Comment Re:Unit conversion not needed (Score 1) 225

What? Plenty of people print in A5 at home, or for their hobby group etc. I print plenty of photographs on A5 to frame, or to send as larger postcards to friends and family.

As for making economic sense, can you fuckers in Nazi States of America fucking stop using Letter/Legal and go with A4? I'm tired of having to waste money on special binders etc just to handle paperwork from you guys. Exchange of paperwork with Taiwan? A4. Exchange of paperwork with South Africa? A4. Exchange of paperwork with Germany? A4. Exchange of paperwork with Australia? A4. Exchange of paperwork with USA? Roll the dice, 20% chance of A4, 40% chance of Letter, 40% chance of Legal.

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