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Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 230

No, they are not exact opposites. A military coup is a method of change, just like armed insurrection/rebellion. A military coup can be used to remove an autocratic regime and pave the way for a democratic regime. As has been done in Turkey a couple of times, when some political leaders went towards an authoritarian islamistic regime and sharia law instead of secular law and democracy. As has been pointed out elsewhere, military intervention in such cases was an actual part of the constitution of Turkey, and technically still is, because Erdogan did not have the authority to change the constitution like he did in 2003. Which is one of the reasons why he's sacked thousands of judges, including 5 of the judges on the supreme court.

Comment Re:Well I hate to be one of those false flag guys (Score 2) 230

"1) We're talking about a military that knows how to stage coups. It's likely that some of the upper level officers have already been in the force when the last one happened. This would have been the 4th coup in Turkey since WW2. In other words, we're not talking about some stage performance military that is at best useful to look pretty when some guest of honor arrives, this is a military that KNOWS how to run a coup successfully (because this is actually the first one that fails)."

Here we come to one of the problems with Erdogan and the AKP: Over the last 15 years, he's systematically worked to purge all officers not loyal to him and his party. He especially targeted officers that had been involved in previous coups or were too secular for his liking. So, the experience of how to stage a coup was lost, and the ability to do so further impeded by Erdogan loyalists.

"2) Everyone who has at least a passing interest in military coups knows that you have to get 4 things done: First, arrest or kill the head honcho you're trying to oust, along with his main cronies. Second, get the media under control. Third, get the secret police under control or at least ensure that they cannot act. Fourth, disrupt the coordination of the powers that are loyal to the regime (in this case, the police). NONE OF THESE were taken care of. There was a half-baked "uhhh, we do coup!" message being broadcast (almost as if they wanted to make sure that everyone knows that this is not just for shits and giggles), but nothing else of tactical value was secured."

This is where things really get into False Flag territory. What better way to further cement your power than sacrificing the lives of some of your loyal fanatics, sanctifying your rise to power with the blood of martyrs. Also, if it had been a serious military coup, they'd have quietly closed down multiple mosques to hamper the ability for Erdogan's loyal imams to rabble rouse.

"3) The "coup" was staged in the two main towns. Why? What the hell is the benefit of shooting aimlessly from helicopters into towns where the only thing you can accomplish is to anger the population without gaining any strategic advantage? Controlling the bridges across the Bosporus Strait I can see, but not even that was done right because there were still bridges that were neither closed nor controlled."

Further shows that it was not a true coup. If it had been a true coup, Erdogan would have been taken out by a special forces team where he was on his vacation, or possibly by a bomb, and indeed aimed at unifying the rage of the populace against a single target.

"4) 2 days after the "coup" thousands of opposing judges, politicians and other people who did not participate in the coup but somehow "annoy" our little tinpot dictator are arrested. This must be the most efficient kind of bureaucracy ever observed that they can in 2 days identify the "culprits" for the coup and already have them arrested."

Judges, academics, teachers etc are the primary threat against Erdogan through upholding secular values and knowledge, secular laws, and opposes orthodox islamic values and sharia.

Comment Re:The media hasn't really elucidated anything (Score 1) 230

Don't need that many to be truly in the know. Remember, he's purged the military before, people who have been found to be too secular, too pro-constitution etc, and replaced with people loyal to him, via his party.

What most likely happened is that those loyal to him discovered that there was a group left who were not happy about Erdogan's policies(which includes supporting ISIS), and then at an opportune time fed false intel, while in the background they prepare their own moves for securing more power, such as preparing to fire most judges in the country, including the 5 in the supreme court of Turkey.

Comment Re:The media hasn't really elucidated anything (Score 4, Interesting) 230

The "coup" was most likely covertly triggered by Erdogan, to allow him to initiate yet another purge of anyone opposed to him becoming the new Sultan of the Neo-Ottoman empire, as can be seen in his purge of not only teachers, but also judges, university deans, his further clampdowns on media etc.

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 4, Informative) 230

You seriously don't understand what fascism is. The USA is far more fascist than the Turkish army. In fact, Erdogan's AKP is a highly fascist party, espousing the traditional fascist values of Strength, Purity, Unity, Corporatism and adding in ultra-orthodox Islam in the mix. As can be seen in the firing of 100's of thousands of teachers, judges etc.

If you had actually studied the history of Turkey in the 20th century, you'd have learned that the turkish military coups have actually served to protect the secular constitution and democracy, while Erdgogan is hell-bent on dismantling it, by for example seriously violating the few powers he has as president. He has a private army in the form of the indoctrinated AKP members, which he did order out into the streets. Erdgogan is also on record as admiring Hitler.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 4, Insightful) 237

Holy shit, how bad is your vision?

For me, being somewhat nearsighted and using glasses, the difference between 720p and 1080p is as stark as night and day, when the encoding is clearly optimized for each respective format, especially when there's lots of small details. For me, the absolute biggest difference is when watching nature documentaries.

Comment Re:Because there is no such thing as magic (Score 1) 159

"It's a thing called latency and it's the reason people get headaches from VR"

No, it's ONE of the reasons people can get headaches from VR. Another cause of VR-related migraines is that up to around 25% of all humans has some degree of problem with depth perception, and using VR helmets will trigger that, the more problems you have with it, the faster it will trigger. Resolution, FPS, motion latency has got nothing to do with that problem

Comment Re: Surprise? Why? (Score 2) 348

One benefit of hard resetting a stack, register or even a variable after each use is that it is a step towards making your code more deterministic, by setting it to a known safe state.

For some of the driver code I develop, the ability to do that in a strict manner, without a compiler overriding my design, is why I use some assembler.

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