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The Media

Submission + - RCMP investigating "Kick a Ginger" faceboo (

freyyr890 writes: "After a Facebook joke to declare November 20th "Kick A Ginger Day" resulted in violence in some schools in Canada, the Canadian police are investigating teenagers believed to be involved in the organization of the event. Investigators are drawing links to a South Park episode believed to inspire the prank, and are currently questioning the youth who was administrator of the group."

Submission + - Prince Sues Youtube, eBay, among others ( 1

freyyr890 writes: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince has announced his intention to sue numerous websites such as Youtube, eBay, and The Pirate Bay for allegations of copyright infringement, and has enlisted the help of Web Sheriff to help him take down his work which has been posted on the internet. Prince accuses these websites of not making an effort to filter his work from other user's uploads.

Submission + - Google announces free home internet with TiSP.

freyyr890 writes: Google Inc announced today the launch of TiSP, or Toilet ISP. The system works by connecting through the municipal toilet maintenance network. The physical wiring must be flushed down your toilet where it will automatically search out and link with the nearest TiSP node. If this installation task is to daunting, you may choose installation by an automated army of nanorobots. Says Larry Page, "What's interesting, though, is how many different modalities there are for actually getting that information to you — not to mention from you."
Interested parties should check out Google's installation guide for more information.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Halo 3 commercial airs, public beta signup begins.

freyyr890 writes: The Halo 3 commercial was recently aired, and with it comes the beta signup. The site is currently under heavy strain with gamers flocking to participate. The multiplayer-only beta will be released sometime in early 2007. Current requirements are 17 or more years of age, an Xbox Live Gold subscription, and an Xbox 360 with hard drive.

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