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Comment Samsung doesn't get content, manufacturer mindset (Score 1) 70

The origins of Milk Music were a Silicon Valley startup that essentially rebadged Slacker streaming service (trying to find the startup name ...). Me thinks Samsung had Apple Music envy of some sort and the startup was looking for a exit strategy around 2013. Slacker is still around, and if you like/liked Milk Music, switch over to Slacker's direct access plan and you'll hardly know you're listening to a different service.

The plain truth is Samsung has no Steve Jobs (or legacy contacts of said pioneer) to pursue lucrative media rights to make Milk Music / Video / live sports / ... anything but a sad derivative of other streaming services. Samsung executive eyes were bigger than their stomachs for headaches that media streaming business licensing entails. So even though the app was pretty, had nice UI, it just didn't have compelling content - hence no real user base developed, its overhead / and now its axed.

Samsung excels at building boxes, panels, and appliances which all increasing have little screens to connect to everything else. Music player on your refrigerator anyone?

Comment PS4 seems smooth to me, screw windows (Score 1) 157

That said, kinda of which this had a Minecraft like Mac OS, Windows clients as the universe is stupifyingly vast. And I tend to play similar Minecraft sprawling/wondering around occasionally on whatever machine I happen to have in front of me ... which thought NMS is smooth on PS4, typically is not the machine I have in front of me.

Comment add $30/month = unlimited (Score 1) 180

Have GigaPower in Cupertino, CA.

We're running about 500 GBytes data/month with a 1 Gbps fiber link, its quite fast for only $70/month (though promotion discount $29/month runs out soon). Several binge watching millennials keep it pretty soaked.

For extra $30/month they say they'll allow unlimited data, but doesn't look like any risk of needing that any time soon.

Comment not just photons mass, in cavity space is warping (Score 1) 532

If this was just about photons having mass, well then simple flash lights would be showing similar thrust. But they don't as such measurements show flashlights demonstrate much much much less thrust by directly emitting photons.

This thing is warping space slightly within the cavity, and whatever net inertia due to the microwave photons slinging back and forth inside the cavity is not balanced - resulting in a much larger thrust than emitted photons from a flash light.

Somewhere somebody suggest attaching some these thrusters to the ISS to keeps its altitude trimmed without needing to refuel - couldn't hurt to try?

Comment Re:This is how it begins... (Score 1) 43

At some point upgraded to U-Verse FTN in Cupertino, CA. Then considered reverting to competitors classic DSL after most of our indoor phone jacks stopped working only to find AT&T no longer offered twisted pair back to the CO - gotcha! At least they rolled out direct fiber (GigaPower) a few months later (1 Gbps!), which is faster than my 10+ year old cat 5 wiring room to room can handle :-/

Goodbye POTS, but now more than ever ISP's need to have lower service levels (up to 10mps?) abide by common carrier rules legacy POTS used to extend to citizens of the US.

Somehow I see 5G+ as becoming compelling alternative to 1 Gbps fiber to residential homes/buildings ... if you can get reliable 1+ Gbps without fiber to home wirelessly, sure saves a lot of install hassle both outside and inside the home. Still there is something comforting about having wire/fiber terminating on one's property, and being able to decide if wire of wireless distributes Internet elsewhere to across property ... even if at increased personal expense.

Comment Spectrum Slice Width, Auto frequency negotiation (Score 1) 160

2.4 GHz originally had a very narrow spectrum slice to work with (barely 2 reasonably isolated channels), making it difficult for multiple WiFi networks to be coincident. 5 GHz started life with wider spectrum slice of about 12 reasonably isolated channels - making it much more difficult for coincident WiFi networks to collide.

For remote aircraft/drones, the relatively recent 2.4 GHz spread spectrum remote control system has dramatically simplified allowing multiple users in the same area to not walk on each others signals (rather important to avoid remote control aircraft malfunctions).

Depending on the width of the 900 MHz spectrum slice, if it provide 10+ reasonably isolated channels, and some form of channel auto negotiation, then the additional range will be a welcome benefit for modest bandwidth wireless applications.


Comment GigaPower, 300 to 1000+ Mbps, to be throttled? (Score 1) 181

In Cupertino, near Apple - suddenly AT&T is rolling GigaPower fiber to home with up to 1 Gbps speeds.

So have had 12 Mbps Uverse, until recently was not uncommon to see download speeds 12 Mbps. Curious if the GigaPower rollout was sandbagged until FCC regulation that now forces ISP to actually complete on service.

Hopefully by end of the week we'll have upgraded to GigaPower, will be curious to see if the actual higher down/up rates stay true.

Comment Off Grid Becomes Cheaper (Score 1) 317

Could you say Net Metering a few more times in the article? ... 5 times in synopsis, 10 times in original article.

In many ways utilities may prefer solar customers with on site storage, as it could eliminate need for two way power converters back to power lines while continuing to flatten daily demand curve.

I have battery backups for various critical systems, but going with massive battery at the power connect to the house is value add even if the solar/storage formula is still scaling up, more reliable power. Since batteries stack, this could also be a boon to off grid development in general.

The real threat to the utilities are the industrial batteries. Huge chunks of load from commercial customers could simple go completely off grid, which may have the ironic effect of making residential grid power more expensive, putting even more pressure on home owners to drop off the grid as well.

Submission + - OpenID Connect launched today. (openid.net)

fredness writes: With support from Google, Microsoft, Ping Identity, ForgeRock, Nomura Research Institute, and PayPal OpenID Connect launched today.

OpenID Connect performs many of the same tasks as OpenID 2.0, but does so in a way that is API-friendly, and usable by native and mobile applications. OpenID Connect defines optional mechanisms for robust signing and encryption. Whereas integration of OAuth 1.0a and OpenID 2.0 required an extension, in OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 capabilities are integrated with the protocol itself.

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