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Comment Re:Nothing is totally free (Score 1) 109

True, they have grown increasingly rare over time, but they do still exist. I, as well as a number of people that I know, have run them in the past and are running them now.

The time has long passed, however, that you can assume good intentions from any service. Research is the watchword of the day.

Comment Re:They simply remember your UDID (Score 1) 115

I am not sure why go to such great lengths to obtain UDID when device MAC address is readily available (and must be for variety of software to work) and globally unique.

MAC address are easy to change, and don't actually have to be globally unique. That may be why they don't want to use them -- too easy to to bypass that sort of check.

MAC addresses only have to be unique at layer 2 of the OSI model (essentially, this means they only have to be unique on your local ethernet or wifi network). You and I can have the exact same MAC on our devices without causing any problem at all as long as we don't both directly connect to the same LAN at the same time.

Comment Re:Escaping the prison penis? (Score 1) 146

No, it wasn't. But the company they just filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against is:

The funny thing is that the kickstarter juicer is clearly the superior product -- it's less expensive and lets you put your own mix of produce in the bag that it squeezes.

Comment Re:'Jucers' are a meme (Score 1) 359

People need to stop looking at food as merely something they put in their mouths because they enjoy it, and start looking at it more like medicine they need to take daily in order to be healthy

I disagree emphatically with this. This would suck all of the joy out of food entirely and turn it into a chore.

That said, I'm with you in that it would be helpful for most people to seriously reduce the amount of things like sugar in their diets. The key, though, isn't to get people to treat food like medicine. It's to teach people how to make food that is fulfilling and delicious while at the same time being good for you.

Part of that is to stop telling people to eat certain things because "they're good for you" and encourage people to eat the foods that they like that happen to be good for them.

Another part is that it's far from clear that any specific type of food is good for you regardless of who you are. The best dietary advice both in terms of being supported by research and in terms of real-world experience is to eat a wide variety of things, and to eat in moderation.

Comment Re:Expensive bullshitmachine (Score 1) 146

It's not hard to see why people would be attracted to that ease - especially early in the morning before they've had coffee.

I find it hard to see why people would be attracted enough for that ease to pay that much for it. The difference in effort between an Aeropress and a Keurig is pretty tiny.

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