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Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 186

The last thing that I need is yet another device that has to be frequently charged. My phone is bad enough, thanks very much (and I have to charge that every other day). Although having to charge a watch daily is not disastrous, it is a big enough pain that once I tried the Pebble, there's no way I would go back to something with a shorter battery life. Here's the advantage: I never have to remember to charge my watch at all, because it warns me a day in advance that a charge will be needed within the next day. It's nice to not have the cognitive load of remembering the watch -- it helps it to seamlessly integrate into my life.

I totally get that lots of people wouldn't care, but I do. Once I experienced only having to charge it every week or so, that ability became a dealbreaker feature for me. A watch that I need to charge daily is a watch that cannot accomplish what I want it to.

Comment Re:So sad (Score 1) 186

The development kit is also on the cloud, as is the app store, of course.

Fortunately, it was always possible to develop entirely without the cloud -- I've been doing that for quite a while now. Also, app stores aren't necessary to distribute watch apps. The app store was just a convenience, not a requirement.

Comment Re:They should release the keys / apis (Score 1) 186

FitBit bought they to eliminate a competitor, not to continue to support their competitor's product.

FitBit makes no products that compete with Pebble watches, and Pebble watches don't compete with FitBit devices. Nothing FitBit makes can replace my Pebble, and everything they've said about this deal indicates that they have no intention of developing a new device that would.

FitBit bought technology and expertise that they want to use in their own products, not a competitor. If it were just about eliminating competition, all they would have had to do is wait -- Pebble was already in deep trouble.

Comment Re:Buy Apple. (Score 1) 186

Sure you can. The Apple Watch is an entirely different device than the Pebble, and is trying to accomplish very different goals. For my needs, the Apple Watch would be an absolutely awful choice, mostly due to it's dismal battery life and lack of an always-on screen.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

Working for a corporation doesn't make you a robot.

Quite often (but not always), particularly for sensitive issues, working for a corporation absolutely makes you a robot. Given the choice between having a viable career in the corporation or shutting up and going along, choosing the former means that you aren't really part of the corporation and choosing the latter makes you a robot.

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