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Comment good idea! (Score 1) 305

These ads are ridiculous. Most of the products don't even give you an idea what they are for. Your doctor will not be interested in prescribing anything you see in an advertisement anyway. They must be a product of the lobby groups that influence Congress. They are almost as repulsive as lawyer advertisements.

Comment Re serialization issue (Score 2) 105

I realize this needs to be patched, however just what are the odds of this happening? Apple OSes, linux, Windows, bds's all have various issues. They are routinely taken care of. My guess is the odds are extremely low if not zero. Google probably pays these kind of folks for discoveries like this.

Comment re security clearance info (Score 1) 173

I worked for the government for 40 years and had a top secret clearance. IMHO security clearances were pretty much worthless. I had people working for me that should have not been cleared however, I had no direct evidence to keep them from obtaining a clearance. They were pretty much a rubber stamp. I expect you could google and find out most of the stuff contained in the clearance (which I never saw).

Comment Best thing John Legere has done (Score 1) 237

Tmobile is just like anyone else. Trying to succeed in business. I have ATT. I think they give you more for the buck than tmobile. John Legere has done us all a favor though. ATT has given me much better rates to keep up with the competition he has given them and he has done this selling an inferior product (no low band lte coverage in most markets and limited pops.I have almost no tmobile signal at home (Atlanta area). I have a fair but solid ATT signal. Actually Sprint has more signal at my house than Tmobile. I refused to pay $60 plus a month for landline service and went to VOIP. I pay about $4/mo with the service and it meets my needs nicely. I pay ATT about 65/mo after taxes for 3gb data, which is plenty for me. Verizon is my only other choice and they can't match the price. So ATT is it for me unless I go to Cricket and take the capped data rates and roaming limitations.

Comment computer security (Score 1) 86

When I was with the government, we had to have specially shielded computers for classified material viewing (albit maybe not as good as they claimed). My office did not even possess the devices so we were only able to receive classified correspondence by secure phones or packages. This could be a problem like the rf id credit cards..you have to know what your doing to protect yourself. Maybe Apple Pay works the same way?

Comment smartphones (Score 1) 253

Battery life and user experience are the goals. My Motorola X has the best user experience I have had. Far better than the iphone 4s and Samsung s4. Both Google and Apple have the cloud integration (not sure about Microsoft as I have not tested). I expect automotive electronics will augment or replace some of the smartphone mobile functions.

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