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Comment The real sham (Score 3, Interesting) 1430

is how the media twists and contorts just about every news item lately to paint the President Elect in a negative manner. Either liberal views or an attempt to stay relevant in this day and age, either way it's just sickening.
  Face the facts, the liberal opinion and political agenda doesn't work and the people have voted as such. Media as we knew it is just getting lost in the noise that is the internet. Intelligent people are able to see the difference between signal and noise no matter how much noise the liberal media produces.

  Whereas our political system isn't perfect, its better than any in history and people are more intelligent than the media.

Comment Re:Quit blowing smoke! (Score 1) 667

"May I offer my professional opinion, as someone who runs a newspaper:"

Dude, you publish less than 3000 copies on an island that the total population is less than 300,000 in the South Pacific.
So no, I don't consider you as someone who "professionally runs a newspaper". I also don't consider you close enough to the source to have any information more than any capable reader.

  Additionally, I think your location and current tidal issues bias your opinion significantly.

Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score 1) 624

"about a year ago a muslim dude and his family had their visa to the US canceled,"

  If he was from a country where terrorists originate (esp Saudi Arabia) he shouldn't have even been issued a visa in the first place. Not because he's muslim, because he's a citizen from an area where combatants live.

  Yes, I know it's not fair. It's not discrimination, it's war. War isn't fair.

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