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Comment Dear Mr. Customer (Score 4, Funny) 241

The defects you seem to think exist are a normally engineered design to enhance our users experience. Besides, we don't have sufficient inventory to supply the current demand. As soon as our supply is greater than our customer demand, we may consider some type of compensation. Please keep complaining and we'll contract you in 6 months or so (if you're loud enough).

  Thanks and enjoy your experience!

Comment Re:How about making your content easily available? (Score 0) 207

Please.. Torrents are so 2000's. In this country there's deadend users interfaces for media centers that allow anyone to watch basically ANY US network show (without commercials) normally no longer than 20 minutes following air time. It's just hitting Mom & Pop level of development, but this has been available for at least the past 5 years for TV and movie.

  I haven't had a cable connection for 20 years.

Comment Re:Irreverent vs. Inappropriate (Score 1) 363

"That doesn't, however, bind private actors like citizens or corporations from disassociating themselves from people who make anti-Semitic statements."

Especially when an exceptionally large proportion of the controlling entities of the entertainment business are by birth or marriage, Jewish. Not only could it be seen as offensive to some, but it's just a plain stupid business decision.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 502

"That is not a "Muslim" thing, it's a thing where people lack respect for the country they live in and even actively work to subvert the Government in the same Country. We have a good number of Mexican immigrants in the US who want California and Texas to be parts of Mexico and they don't respect or care about the US."

The main difference is that radical muslims believe its their duty and obligation to jihad. Radical Mexicans just had too much tequila and following siesta, they're fine.

Comment Being "cleared" doesn't mean you are authorized (Score 5, Interesting) 502

The Visa Waiver Program was improved in 2015.

"Nationals of VWP countries who have traveled to or been present in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen on or after March 1, 2011 (with limited exceptions for travel for diplomatic or military purposes in the service of a VWP country)."

Just because it has been ignored by our previous administration, doesn't make entry lawful. It's far past time for enforcement agencies to follow legal mandates. Right or wrong, law is legislated. Instructing agencies not to follow laws created by legislature by defunding or other political means circumvents mandates created by legislature.

  We are a democracy. If the law doesn't fit what the majority of the citizens want, change it. Effecting change without legislature is just wrong.

Comment Bloated interface process (Score 1) 489

Requiring a user to input unnecessary and unrelated data in order for the user to access their primary intent. A perfect example is the way Uber requires a rating from a previous ride before requesting an additional ride, without an obvious (or any) method to bypass. Nothing pisses me off more than in an RF challenged environment, all necessary telemetry is obtained and exchanged, the application/server requires the user to rate the previous ride. Whereas I don't have a problem with providing ratings, and agree they can improve services, holding me hostage before accepting a ride request creates a bad user experience, over and over again. Fix it Uber, provide a bypass and if necessary pop-over a nag for unrated rides.

Comment "That point is when the ratings become targets" (Score 0) 196

Or when a company (Uber) forces a rating on a previous transaction (Uber) before allowing additional transactions (Uber). It's especially
annoying when you're in a bandwidth challenged location and all you want to do is use the service without being forced (Uber).

    It's invasive and a waste of bandwidth and time(Uber).

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