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Journal Journal: Foes

I'd just like to take this time to mention that 95% of those on my foe list are ID Creationists and have made an active and horribly illogical attempt to defend their beliefs. Many rely on disproven arguments or outright lies, and I believe that it is the duty of every person, religious or not, to actively reject this blatant attack on science and religion.

EDIT: Ok, since I've made this post I've added a lot more to my foe list, only a few of which were realted to ID. Generally, my foes are people who've:

1. Strongly defended the war on terror (and sacrifices we've made in the name of it, both monetary and our freedoms) even in the face of numbers showing that terrorism is a laughably insignificant problem for us, relatively speaking. It's such bullshit that the one-time loss of 2,500 lives is supposed to necessitate well over a trillion dollars in spending (including both wars) and incredible loss of our civil rights (most notably judicial oversight, due process, and privacy), and yet the 50,000+ each year to car accidents doesn't justify similar expenditures to make our roads safer, and the 1,500,000+ people who die from stroke or heart attack each year don't justify the loss of freedom of restaurants (espeically fast food) to sell extremely unhealthful food--I'm not saying I would support this kind of a reaction, but it would certainly be a trivial freedom to lose compared to privacy and due process, and the number of lives lost yearly is MANY orders of magnitude greater.

Some people then say "oh it's not about the lives; it's about the money. The WTC cost a lot to build!" which is bullshit. It doesn't compare to the healthcare costs and productivity lost from heart attack and stroke, and it's a drop in the bucket compared to what we spent on the war on terror. All other arguments are either delusional ("they hate our freedom! they'll stop at nothing until our cities are in ruin!") or basically amount to "well it's scary-er when another human being does it, therefore that justifies our EXTREME overreaction."

2. Spouted blatant anti-Linux/pro-MS BS. I don't have a problem with people who say that they prefer MS's software or that it does XYZ better than Linux or that Linux needs to work on XYZ, but a few have crossed the line. In particular, it irritates me when people refuse to acknowledge the extremely anti-competitive things Microsft has done and continues to do (and the fact that they were legally ruled a monopoly.)

3. Stated things tantamount to "I believe my own personal sexual morally should be forcefully imposed on the populace at large" including censorship, etc. Fuck you. If you don't like it, you don't have to watch TV or listen to the radio, or you can tune into only those stations that are committed to "family" programming. Neither you nor the FCC should have the right to enforce your highly disturbing "blood&guts=good, boobs=bad" morality on the rest of us.
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Journal Journal: Bitchin'

Ubuntu kicks righteous ass. That's all there is to it. I've been perfectly willing to try Linux for YEARS now, but since every single distro did NOT work out of the box (didn't detect important hardware or outright froze)--Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe, Gentoo (installed by my friend who's a Linux fiend), and even Knoppix--I have been very reluctant. For me, a computer is a tool first, and something to tinker with second. Ubuntu works right out of the fucking box, and it works *well*, and I'm overjoyed that I'll never have to touch Windows again for anything other than hardcore gaming. Kudos to the crazy rich South African who made it possible. Not that the Debian team and Linus and RMS don't deserve credit, but us semi-geeks need a distro, too.
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Journal Journal: Sigs

I hate sigs. At the very least, there needs to be some sort of option to colorize them so my eye can easily skip over them.

...nonetheless, there is a rather amusing (to me, anyway) phrase that keeps popping into my head. It was something a good friend of mine said to me after I had just showed him Memento for the first time and I was trying to explain it to him--a task made difficult because the girls in the room had started an impromptu pillow fight. It sounds exactly like the sort of thing you'd find in a sig, so what the hell. My first sig.

It feels good to join the dark side.

Update: Well what do ya know, they added a little "--" that you can turn on and off. Handy.

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