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Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 2) 395

I can't tell if you're being serious.

If yes: The person you were replying to is most likely talking about GPS spoofing software for phones that allows you to change your GPS coordinates that the OS reports. There is an option in Developer options that lets you change the program used for location.The 3rd party software usually lets you just point to a map to set the coordinates, and that's what the OS uses as your GPS coordinates. Nothing to do with actual GPS signals or frequencies :)

It's primary use is for development and testing, but unless software checks for the use of these programs users do use them for less legit reasons. (Like cheating in location-based games such as PokemonGo or Ingress)

Comment Re:It still has its playability (Score 1) 194

Walking 2-3 miles IS exercise.

I'm sure there are the "lazy" players who sit their butts on a lured pokestop, but my family will go places with 8-10 pokestops and 2 gyms, and we'll do laps.

Just like the cheaters there will always be people who try to figure out the lazy way to do things.

Comment It still has its playability (Score 3, Insightful) 194

This is not a game for the "power gamers" who want to level up, get gear, level up, get gear..and win. And I think they are finding that out, they can powergame themselves to have very high CP pokemon and rule gyms but then someone who took 4 times as long to level up and get their pokemon comes up and drops them. It's almost very anti-power gamer..haha!

They used cheating to get themselves all the best pokemon that they needed, and now they "fixed" the cheats and they cry that its boring? haha

This is still a very fun casual game that you can play with your family.

There is something unique to this game in that it solves something that the gaming industry has so far failed to do: encourage exercise and real social interactions. I mean actually interacting with real people, not trolls hidden behind their keyboard with large epeens.

  It encourages you to go on walks, travel, actually interact with the outside world. That's been the biggest thing that this game has done for me and my kids. We now go to different areas and walk around. Sometimes its to parks, sometimes downtown, sometimes to waterfalls, or any other random public place that we typically don't go. How many other games actually encourage being active, and being outside your basement? It's also a bit like fishing, seeing who can get the highest CP pokemon.

  Like it or not the latest generations (at least) sit more and exercise less, and video games worsen that as they encourage the kids to sit in a spot for 10 hours. Whats that? Force them to go outside and play? Some kids really aren't athletic or have a desire to be..and as a parent you could force your kid to exercise but that doesn't really work well. Sure when I grew up I was outside all the time..but then I grew up in a rural town of 28k, where all the housing and streets looked straight out of Leave it to Beaver. My kids are growing up in the inner city, and I'm not so concerned about kidnapping etc. as I am them having to cross dozens of intersections.

So yes, I'm sure the "fad" will fade a bit as it's newness loses its luster, but considering the unique benefits of the game it still is a fun, cute game that encourages social interaction and physical activity.

Comment Re:Liability? (Score 4, Insightful) 482

this is a non-starter.

I worked as an usher for many years, I worked many many concerts. There are ushers on the sides of every section, with radios. There are security guards walking around the show and just outside the seating areas.

Nobody is going to call 911 in an emergency on their cellphone...Have you tried talking on your cellphone during a show? Neither the caller or the 911 operator would *not* hear a word said. You would call 911..the operator would get on say something and you'd say "sorry, can't hear you...hold on while I leave my seat, walk down the stairs and to a more quiet place."

It would be foolish for someone to try and handle it themselves, if your friend was having a medical emergency you would kill them. There is medical staff standing which includes an ambulance. You spending 10 minutes trying to get through and talk to a 911 operator would simply kill your friend. In fact, I bet if you told the operator that you were at a concert they would tell you to immediately hang up and talk to security.

Comment are they past the comic books? (Score 1) 173

I stopped watching after the 2nd season, so I'm not sure but aren't they still loosely following the comic book plots? If so, how can they prevent people from talking about potential plots for work already released?

Does the law actually prevent people from discussing potential plots for shows? Can websites really be sued for people trying to figure out who the Emperor is in StarWars, and if Luke is really the father of Rey?

Or are they receiving the C&D because they are supposedly getting ahold of and releasing official plot writings? I *might* be okay with that. But surely the law isn't saying fans can't discuss among themselves and unofficially work out potential plotlines?

Comment yes. (Score 1) 982

you won't be an early adopter, as it's been out for a year.

But ultimately you never stated what you use your computer for? For the average person, they shouldn't be using Windows anyways as Ubuntu will do everything they need to do, for free. However, I've been telling most home users to go get a Mac. I truly think for home use non-gamers there is no reason to purchase a windows based machine, none.

For gamers, unless you want to wait for a large system upgrade and buy Windows 10+ at the time, you really do want the update for DirectX. I updated my machine the day Win10 was released, and not once have I wished I hadn't.

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