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Comment Re:Liability? (Score 4, Insightful) 482

this is a non-starter.

I worked as an usher for many years, I worked many many concerts. There are ushers on the sides of every section, with radios. There are security guards walking around the show and just outside the seating areas.

Nobody is going to call 911 in an emergency on their cellphone...Have you tried talking on your cellphone during a show? Neither the caller or the 911 operator would *not* hear a word said. You would call 911..the operator would get on say something and you'd say "sorry, can't hear you...hold on while I leave my seat, walk down the stairs and to a more quiet place."

It would be foolish for someone to try and handle it themselves, if your friend was having a medical emergency you would kill them. There is medical staff standing which includes an ambulance. You spending 10 minutes trying to get through and talk to a 911 operator would simply kill your friend. In fact, I bet if you told the operator that you were at a concert they would tell you to immediately hang up and talk to security.

Comment are they past the comic books? (Score 1) 173

I stopped watching after the 2nd season, so I'm not sure but aren't they still loosely following the comic book plots? If so, how can they prevent people from talking about potential plots for work already released?

Does the law actually prevent people from discussing potential plots for shows? Can websites really be sued for people trying to figure out who the Emperor is in StarWars, and if Luke is really the father of Rey?

Or are they receiving the C&D because they are supposedly getting ahold of and releasing official plot writings? I *might* be okay with that. But surely the law isn't saying fans can't discuss among themselves and unofficially work out potential plotlines?

Comment yes. (Score 1) 982

you won't be an early adopter, as it's been out for a year.

But ultimately you never stated what you use your computer for? For the average person, they shouldn't be using Windows anyways as Ubuntu will do everything they need to do, for free. However, I've been telling most home users to go get a Mac. I truly think for home use non-gamers there is no reason to purchase a windows based machine, none.

For gamers, unless you want to wait for a large system upgrade and buy Windows 10+ at the time, you really do want the update for DirectX. I updated my machine the day Win10 was released, and not once have I wished I hadn't.

Comment Less about reliability and more about control (Score 1) 64

I find it very coincidental that Ars Technica just had a very well done article on the underseas cable managed by TGN..which is already pretty effing reliable.

Perhaps this is the very beginning of the privatization of the internet "tubes" and wrestle control of the data away from governments.

Comment Re: How about... (Score 2) 455


Look, I smoked my fair share. And either you haven't, or you've smoked so much you're blind to its effects.

THC can cause hallucinations. Tracers. It'll literally put you to sleep (kinda like passing out on alcohol.) It'll also make you think you are doing something you're not. (ie moving when you're not, or not moving when you are.)

Like someone drinking a small amount of beer, we're not worried about someone who hasn't consumed enough to not be impaired. We are concerned with drunk drivers, and seriously baked drivers.

Comment Re:MS still denies that this happens (Score 1) 500

sure they do. "Automatically download and install updates to this computer"

You could debate what is a patch, update, upgrade, and what should be applied when someone checks the checkbox "give me recommended updates" but not only are they consenting, but they are requesting that Windows auto-updates itself. They may not realize that this might include an upgrade from Win7 to Win10. Hence they may unknowingly consent.

but's irrelevant as that is not what is happening here. This is Windows 10 applying patches.

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