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Comment Re:Rosa Parks (Score 1) 337

I think you're missing a few key details. Populism alone is not enough to bring about authoritarianism, otherwise the number of democratic countries would be decreasing, not increasing, over time. In many of the populist revolutions you mentioned, the most important catalyst was a broken economy that had put the majority of that country's population in poverty. Hitler may have been a great orator, but if post WWI Germany was economically sound and not the whipping boy of Europe, many would have dismissed him as the nationalist extremist that he was. What really drives populists revolutions is watching your friends and neighbors dying of hunger or exposure because they cannot afford to take care of themselves.
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Journal Journal: Being homeless is like having autism 9

You can be a productive member of society And still be homeless. Lane County has Eugene- also known as Berkeley North, one of the most liberal areas on the planet. This to me proves that progressive liberalism and the free market is about providing wants to the rich, not needs to the poor.


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