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Comment Re:Any old HP commercial grade laptop (Score 1) 273

I'm still running an HP G62 laptop, 6 years old. The hardware has shit the bed twice (i have the schematic and fixed it), and still limps into operation because the video is crap, but it has run openSuSE, several xbuntus, Puppy, Bodhi, Mint, and maybe another that I've forgot. All the hardware works - audio, wifi, touchpad, even the buttons that start up the calculator or email.

Comment So I visited a school in Uganda a few years ago... (Score 1) 89

... in Sipi Falls, near Mount Elgon. There was a nice computer lab, where adults were learning basic keyboarding and Microsoft Office. I asked what they are going to do with this knowledge? Well, nothing, they said, we don't have enough inexpensive internet out here, and there's no jobs that need computer skills. But it's good to learn things.

I left them some Ubuntu DVDs.

Comment Re:Two possible motivations (Score 1) 734

Between the lines, the sticker implied "The Government demands you buy these fragile, expensive, flickering, failure prone, mercury-containing CFLs because Global Warning is your fault". Fortunately, I resisted to some extent, and am now populating sockets with LEDs, which are nice. Greenies are stuck with a houseful of CFLs.

Comment Re:Finalize with a dealer, screw that (Score 1) 59

I just bought a Hertz scratch & dent special, no haggle and pick it up where it's at. 1-1/2 year old for almost half price. In New York car age is figured in winters, not miles, and I'm retired so I got one with 41K miles.

This after I spent 2 months going around to dealers & getting increasingly disgusted.

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