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Comment American washers are easily repairable (Score 1) 146

The 'old fashioned' big American GE washers and dryers are easily repairable. After 15 years of use, I ordered two 'overhaul kits' for a few dollars and installation took about 30 minutes, after which they were good for another 15 years. The overhaul kits contain all the washers, seals, rollers, belts and whatnot that always wears out and a detailed booklet on how to install it, complete with warnings about: Don't do this, since you may cut your fingers. The Chinese/Korean stuff you can't repair even if you can find the parts, because it is usually a clip on one time assembly or spot welded so it breaks when you try to take it apart.

Comment Re:No, they replaced it was a barometer (Score 2) 248

They removed the jack to save a few million Renminbi. That's all. Not enough people used the jack, so it was dropped to lower the production costs. I have never used a cell phone jack and looking around me, it is obvious that there are lots of people that don't like to plug schtuff into their ears - the plugged ins are a small minority.

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