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Submission + - Oculus Rift ignores pre-orders and starts shipping Rift+PC bundles

fluor2 writes: As a lot of VR fans had the pre-order time booked in their calendar for being as early as possible for ordering, the road to VR has been rather unfortunate for most of the Rift CV1 pre-orders. In April, Oculus announced that many of the pre-orders was getting bumped from March to early May or even June .

Now, the Reddit thread /r/Oculus have started a common opinion that "This launch has been 100% retarded." (227 votes and counting) as Oculus now seem to have postponed most orders but still find CV1's for supplying supply Rift+PC bundles. The solution for some have now been to cancel their order, and rather ordering Rift+PC bundles on Bestbuy and cancel the PC portion — jumping way ahead of preorders .

Submission + - Installing top 10 download.com-apps render your computer almost useless

fluor2 writes: For the purpose of this experiment, we’re going to just click through all regular installation screens with the default options using a fresh virtual machine. And we’re going to install ten applications from the most popular downloads list. And we’re going to assume the persona of a regular non-geek user." Read the full article.

Is crapware completely destroying the user experience for a non-geek user?

Submission + - XBMC 12.0 "Frodo" released, PVR-support, HD Audio and more (xbmc.org)

fluor2 writes: Team XBMC have released XBMC 12 “Frodo”. Features for XBMC 12 include: HD audio support (including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD) via the new XBMC AudioEngine (OSX/iOS not yet available), Live TV and PVR support, h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P), 64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux, Improved image support, Support for the Raspberry PI, Initial support for the Android platform, Improved AirPlay support across all platform, Improved controller support in Windows and Linux, Advanced Filtering in the library, Video library tags to complement movie sets, Advanced UPnP sharing and more!

Submission + - VMware vSphere5 changes licensing, customers upset (vmware.com)

fluor2 writes: vSphere 5.0 is announced to be released in Q3 2011. vSphere introduces a new licensing model that is no longer bound to just the number of CPUs your hosts have. You now have to pay up for the for the amount of RAM as well. This change is, of course, very unwelcome in a currently 17 page long forum thread at vmware communities, showing consultants and resellers that are shocked upon this change.

Submission + - Do your company provide private home-folders? 2

fluor2 writes: Most companies provide a home dir which is pretty much private for the user. Here, the user can store documents only intended for private storage. E.g. internal job applications, personal letters to the boss and other similar data. The boss tells us, the IT department, to get rid of the home directory for our users.

Arguments are that we do no longer want to store any "private data", thus we can open up most of the data at all levels in our company. Private data should be stored on the local disk (a separate C:\Private or similar), or on private USB equipment or similar. In conclusion: out of sight from the company. I personally fear that people will bring private equipment into work and thus increase the chances of 3rd party driver crashes and similar. And I do not want people to spend time on backing up private data. After all, it's only a few gigs at average per user.

What is Your company's policy on home-folders?
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft starts banning Xbox 360 pirates? 3

fluor2 writes: Microsoft seem to suddenly start banning Xbox 360 consoles for playing on their Xbox Live service. A lot of frustrated owners on various forums. I guess it's obvious that Microsoft somehow detected them playing pirated games, but time will show why people are currently getting banned. Microsoft have not posted any news of this yet.

Submission + - Is Garbage Collection killing computer performance

fluor2 writes: "I've become increasingly frustrated with the speed of computers lately, or rather, lack thereof. After thinking about it, I came up with three reasons why I think computers have gotten slow." — VirtualDub programmer, Avery Lee.

"Let's be honest: garbage collection is here to stay. It's quite powerful for certain data structures, most notably string heaps, and it has undeniable benefits in other areas such as sandboxed execution environments and concurrent programming. What I think aggrevates the problems, though, are languages and programming environments that you insist on putting everything in the GC heap."

Read his interesting blog post, which I think really missed a focus from both slashdot and other computer sites.

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