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Submission + - Oculus Rift ignores pre-orders and starts shipping Rift+PC bundles

fluor2 writes: As a lot of VR fans had the pre-order time booked in their calendar for being as early as possible for ordering, the road to VR has been rather unfortunate for most of the Rift CV1 pre-orders. In April, Oculus announced that many of the pre-orders was getting bumped from March to early May or even June .

Now, the Reddit thread /r/Oculus have started a common opinion that "This launch has been 100% retarded." (227 votes and counting) as Oculus now seem to have postponed most orders but still find CV1's for supplying supply Rift+PC bundles. The solution for some have now been to cancel their order, and rather ordering Rift+PC bundles on Bestbuy and cancel the PC portion — jumping way ahead of preorders .

Submission + - Installing top 10 download.com-apps render your computer almost useless

fluor2 writes: For the purpose of this experiment, we’re going to just click through all regular installation screens with the default options using a fresh virtual machine. And we’re going to install ten applications from the most popular downloads list. And we’re going to assume the persona of a regular non-geek user." Read the full article.

Is crapware completely destroying the user experience for a non-geek user?

Comment Jottacloud has unlimited storage 6$. And it works. (Score 1) 983

Being a Jottacloud customer for a long time, I really like their backup. Unlimited storage is 6$ per month. You can specify when to back up, and you can exclude subfolders from sync, and you can limit the bandwidth used.

I guess it's not very well known in the US, but it's been for several years in Europe. All servers are located in Norway.

Unlimited is limited to one computer.

Jottacloud.com: Jottacloud.

(I am in no way affiliated to jottacloud)

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