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Comment Re:Groovy? Why not java? (Score 1) 168

I've been delving into Groovy... it's a paradigm shift and it's very hard not to be so verbose.

It isn't, as the article suggests, a superset of Java .. there are things you cannot do in it (yet) but lots of things you can.

What I mainly thought when I saw it was "finally, Java has caught up with the rest of the programming world and has a scripting language at last".

When I used it, it became apparent that this was more than a perl to meet C's needs. It was like the cheeky bastard child of Java who can do what his dad can but faster... and you get properly compiled class files out of the compiler.

Anyway I wrote a mud engine that runs groovy scripts to teach myself. The main failing of the groovy package is the Groovy Script Engine. It promises so much and doesn't always deliver. Unfortunately my mud engine is based around the darned thing, so until they fix it properly I'm stuck with it being a bit clunky.

Check it out, and you can muck about with groovy too (please don't laugh at my programming :):


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