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Comment Re:I really havent figured out "showrooming" (Score 1) 532

Amazon doesn't charge tax in California. Source: Me, I buy tons of shit on amazon and live in California. Prime costs $72 a year. I easily save that much in a year, probably double or triple that plus I get free 2 day shipping. I also get the most amazing service from Amazon. You don't get that from Target. Just last week I ordered some DVDs and one of them was missing, not only did I get a refund for the DVD, they refunded my entire order and sent me a link to reorder the item that was missing.

Comment Re:The growth is slowing (Score 4, Informative) 473

Or thereabouts. By 2100 we'll be back down to 7 billion and it won't be because of a pandemic or zombies. Population growth is naturally slowing down. It may seem like 1 billion was a lot but relative to recent growth it's actually slowing down. The math is done in one of them fancy overpopulationisamyth videos.

Comment Slashdot++ could be better (Score 1) 393

Add more than 5 maximum score points and give more points to moderators with better karma. Allow users with good karma to assign more than just 1 moderator point to a particular post and allow moderation to be done at any time (not randomly or at timed intervals). Allow negative moderation in the same way and demote karma based on negative moderation. Detect users who frequently up vote each other to avoid a situation where a small user base could promote each other into good karma. Give diminishing returns from up voting the same users.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 2) 791

Totally agree and I'd like to add that outsourcing will eventually reach a point of saturation. It's already getting there. There are only so many people who can do these tech jobs, especially at the higher level. A lot of visas are going to European or Asian people who expect to get paid just as much. The problem is lack of skills in this area, not lack of jobs. Or perhaps it has something to do with unwillingness to relocate.

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