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Comment Re:no (Score 1) 115

Well, if a person has a job that involves in part developing an iPhone app, you tell me how they accomplish that without a mac of some type. Most travel from home to work and work in both places so that pretty much requires a laptop. It benefits my company to allow me to work from wherever I am. You seem like a very unreasonable person though so I am going to stop here and not waste my time.

Comment Re:Dual boot is so 2000 (Score 1) 115

I was just going to make this comment as well. Virtualbox even seems to work fine.. swish, there's OS X, swish, there's Windows 10. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be much difference if run natively. Low latency SSD makes a big difference to a VM too. One could argue that it would be nice to have more than 8Gb RAM for that though.

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