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Comment Re:Do your job. (Score 1) 360

You are lucky if you would in a place where you can just 'take a day off'. I have to plan my day activities a week ahead of time. Other activities I must attend are planned for me. A lot of my OT are for unexpected events. There is no flexibility left in any day for the next week or two to just 'take off'. There is no one to replace me if I do, and I am discouraged from letting any of my day obligations drop. This is just the reality of a real work life.

Comment Re:Fiduciary duty (Score 1) 291

The main problem I have is that the H-1B is not fair because it is enough to replace me as a worker but it is not enough for me to have lower cost of living. If I am competing on a global market then so should everyone, and it will only balance once the prices come down on goods. As it sits right now, companies get a break on cost but yet there is no pressure on them to lower prices.

Comment Re:Fiduciary duty (Score 1) 291

So you're saying house builders are free to get carpenters through H-1B? Because if my salary will go down for it, I would like to know that house prices will go down relatively and I don't get stuck in some fiscal black hole. How can a person ever chose a profession if the most lucrative ones will just have a back door opened to relieve the price pressure? What the hell criteria do you go by?

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