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Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 142

That's actually incorrect, you just don't realize the things that humans are doing because you take it for granted. The example I always use is that I as a human know to be extra careful pulling out of the driveway if there are garage doors open down the street, because I know the neighbors and their habits and if garage doors are open there are probably kids running around the neighborhood playing. An automated car would not detect things in this way, by comparison any sensor that it has is a relatively narrow way of seeing the world and as we have seen from Tesla it may not even see all it needs to see for normal driving.

Comment Re: developed ride sharing app around the same tim (Score 1) 142

This leads me to ask.. why are people pushing the idea that we need to advance technologically when we are clearly not headed for the kind of world that is better for more people here. Do we like shiny new things that much, that we would sacrifice our entire place in the economy?

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 142

A computer recently beat the top champion at go, which is a great deal more computationally deep than chess; but I agree with your point. All of this is really just a simple calculation done over and over on a very grand scale. Experiencing the real world is opposite, there is an almost infinite number of rules that need to be understood and utilized in order to understand it even on a fundamental level.

Comment Re:Fix for H-1B (Score 1) 332

Again, it depends what is more important; success of corporations that no longer contribute to your country or the the health and well-being of the citizens that actually live in that country. Clearly, the people that are in power have selected the former, they do nothing but benefit from the situation. I am full well that this would be painful for the economy and I am prepared to grow my own vegetables and live without technology. I just ask that it be done evenly across the board, rather than watching some aristocratic elite rise to the stop while everyone else starves.

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