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Comment Re:Support your claim (Score 1) 270

Sure the owner can do whatever he wants with his property, but the problem is, the owner has no way to contain sound on his property does he? So he interferes with the property of others. I will adamantly defend an owner's right to use his/her property as he/she sees fit so long as they prepare it such that it is impossible for any tenant to create sound that leaves the property and enters another.

Comment Re:No escape (Score 1) 323

The point of a laptop is to be able to throw it in a bag and carry the benefits of technology with you, or at least be portable to different areas of a building. If the laptop itself is less beneficial to people then they must carry around attachments as well. If you were always going to use it at home on the same desk, then it is far wiser to use a desktop based machine.

Comment Re:Bye, MagSafe (Score 1) 160

I don't get magsafe. I try to sit with my laptop in bed and my lap pushes out the connector. I move my laptop across the room, the connector comes out. It is very annoying. It is so much simpler to just have a well made cable with a durable connector. I abuse Thinkpad connectors all the time and have never lost one.

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