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Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 2) 258

> In the spirit of "Do one thing and do it well",

That's generally a good idea but it's wise to consider whether sometimes a better solution is arrived at via integration of multiple pieces of functionality. One of the things I've really enjoyed lately is neovim. It's essentially vim, but amongst the improvements is a built in terminal. Why not use vim (or neovim) and tmux? Because having the terminal built in is just better, that's why. No need to install and configure the apps separately, and when you're using neovim on multiple platforms, that saves me time.

It has to be said that most major distros are using systemd. If you want to use this one, better hope it's supported for the lifetime of whatever project you're using it for.

Comment Re:Maybe NOW we can have Nestle chocolate back (Score 1) 324

I remember some chocolate bar from when I was a kid, it was called '100 Grand' or something. It was a bar of chocolate with honey-flavoured rice crisps in it. One day, it just vanished.

I also remember when the changed the tomato sauce used in Alphaghettis, and then it sucked.

Comment Re:The electoral college is not needed (Score 1) 487

Slavery, the vast majority of white men, let alone women and non-white people, not being able to vote, the VP being the runner-up of the Presidential election, and so on, were also 'deliberately put' in the Constitution.

Also 'deliberately put' into the Constitution? An amendment process. The fact that the EC was put into the Constitution in the 1700s to address 1700s issues was recognized, *by the writers and signatories to the Constitution,* to mean nothing to future Americans, so they gave said future Americans the ability to change things.

The Constitution, like any political document or act, was an example of compromise, horse-trading, unwritten understandings, and so on. Hell, the 'Bill of Rights' isn't in the 'original Constituion,' deliberately.

Also, the original Constitution was written with the understanding that political parties wouldn't form, and that representatives should vote each individual issue by their conscience and their constituents. The framers would be horrified by the idea of a party system, flabbergasted by the idea of a two-party system, and absolutely appalled by the idea of the 'straight party ticket' voting option.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 2) 406

Your two sentences are at odds. He was an intelligent and popular author - in a time where intelligence wasn't just used to sell things - and he produced a warning about how technology and politics could be used to enslave mankind which we've chosen to ignore. I'm not sure you even know what identity politics is.

Comment Re:What, is Google new or something? (Score 1) 179

The problem is when you have tons and tons of real time transactions that have to be kept in a very precise order. How do you easily and reliably determine which event happened first if the numerical timestamp isn't sequential?

You use a unique, sequential value independent from timestamp, I'd hope.

Comment Re:The question is this (Score 1) 487

And in a popular vote scheme, Democrats *would* have campaigned and advertised there, because they might have gotten even one vote. Under the EC, Democrats knew they'd get zero percent of Wyoming's electoral power. Under a popular vote, they'd have gotten some.

Comment Re:It is a balance (Score 1) 487

Other checks and balances the Founding Fathers thought were good ideas:

3/5ths compromise
Only about 6 percent of the population gets to vote
Vice President is the runner up in the Presidential Election
Slavery is AOK as long as there's a balance between Free and Slave states
things like the Alien and Sedition act are a great idea

Best goddamn idea the Founding Fathers had:
building a system into the constitution to allow for amendments. Because, hey, they were well aware that they weren't going to get everything right.

A couple of hundred years of American history doesn't merely suggest, but *proves* that the Constitution requires almost constant tweaking and improvement.

Comment Re:The point of Uber/Lyft (Score 2) 130

You miss the point of taxis (and other transportation-for-hire services). The point being you don't have to have your phone charged and w/ you. Let's say you're talking a walk and decide to visit a friend, something for which you need not have your phone w/ you. So you hail a taxi, get taken to her place, get dropped, pay, and don't think about it, once the driver ends the ride. As an added advantage, you don't have to haggle, and can decide whether to tip or not.

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