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Comment Re:More mission creep (Score 1) 133

Customer and Border Patrol

Border Patrol is just a small part of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. CBP mainly inspects people and goods that come into the U.S. through any port, whether it's by land, sea or air. So they have officers all over, and intercepting counterfeit imports is part of their mission. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the other agency within DHS that has boots on the ground to find violators after they get past customs. They should be part of a task force to find illegal imports as well.

Border Patrol is probably what you're thinking of, they are the ones actually patrolling the border. Or are you thinking of the TSA, which is yet another part of DHS?

Comment Re:Terroristic Threats (Score 1) 573

By common I just meant it's on the books using this definition in many states. I have seen it applied to situations where the perp waves a gun at people on the street (even when the intent was not to actually shoot anyone, even if it's not a real, loaded gun if the intent to cause fear is there) or makes threats to use deadly weapons (but mostly threats more specific than the one in the article).

Comment Re:Terroristic Threats (Score 1) 573

I never said I agreed with the way it's used in this case. It's a little scary that art (if that's what rap lyrics fall under) can so easily be construed as a real threat, if that's all this kid did. I just see the title of this article as flaimbait because of the words "terrorist" and "lyrics." The lyrics just mention the Boston bombing and that he will top it, so it does seem like usual rap bragging than anything. Apparently authorities think "too soon"" on that topic.

Comment Terroristic Threats (Score 2) 573

Come on now, no need to go into armchair revolutionary panic mode. Terroristic threatening is a common statutory criminal offense. It doesn't imply that the perpetrator is a member of a terrorist cell or that our liberties are being attacked. It's sort of like an assault, just a little more specific and serious.

Generalized definition of a terrorist threat:
1. Willfully threaten to commit a crime that will result in death or great bodily harm.
2. Make threat with the specific intent that it be taken as a threat.
3. The threat is so unequivocal, unconditional, and specific as to convey a gravity of purpose and immediate prospect of execution.
4. The threat actually caused fear in the victim.
5. The fear was reasonable.

Generalized definition of an assault:
1. Intent to create the state of fear or danger in the victim.
2. The victim had a reasonable apprehension (belief) that they would be harmed.
3. The victim must experience fear in response to a threat that is imminent, or immediately about to occur.
4. The conduct must present either a threat of physical harm or offensive behavior.

Comment The Mayans were correct? (Score 1) 336

And lo, Nostradamus predicted this:

"In the twelfth year of the second thousand,
The race of the small thinking machines shall disappear,
Ignored by their creators, their essences recharged by their masters no longer,
Cursed to exist only in the great waste heaps and in the hands of the computer illiterate."

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