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Journal florescent_beige's Journal: Puzzling 2

Puzzling. I wrote this post about a possible career alternative for gear-heads like I assume most of us around here are. In the context of outsourcing.

Frankly, with a little work (ok a lot of work), most young people with aptitude in math & physics can get a career with doctor-like compensation. Not one mod point. I don't care about karma or mods, but it puzzles me that the discussion would centre around fair/unfair and incompetent management.

I don't know. I thought people would think it's pretty cool to learn there's red-hot demand (which seems to be sustained) for certain geek-types and I even give detailed instructions how to get into it.

Puzzling. Oh well maybe the right people didn't see the post, which would be too bad.

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  • Always wanted to get into the material sciences.
    • Most people don't even know about it as a career option. High school guidance counsellors especially.

      I ended up in it accidentally myself. I was in aero engineering and wanted to be a fluid dynamics analyst but I flunked out. Ended up in mech eng and materials seemed like the only way into the airplane racket. Now fluids people are a dime a dozen but structures? Very hard to find.

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