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Comment Re:Definitely not worth it (Score 1) 248

Actually they do care about that money too ... they care about ALL money that they can possibly get, hence their "anti-piracy" efforts. DMCA notices are basically free but the lawyers behind them aren't ... when they got the DMCA passed into law and now when they continue to abuse it they show that they care.

It would be a far better world if the profits that you mentioned were sufficient for the movie studios, especially with how they manage their tax liabilities, but the cold reality is that they continue to go after people. Here is a recent example:

Comment Javascript (Score 1) 88

The VAST majority of fingerprinting and most of the useful stuff relies on whoever is doing the fingerprinting running their javascript in your browser (client). Using something like NoScript to block javascript by default and limiting what you allow is quite effective at fighting fingerprinting.

Definitely not a magic bullet but it's super helpful for this and lots of other web annoyances.
Plus, you get to learn just how much useless javascript most sites want you to run (3rd party that has no impact on functionality)

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 1) 330

I happen to find that having to pull my phone out of my pocket is dramatically harder than simply looking at a watch on my wrist. Sounds crazy but I had ditched watches long ago in favor of checking my phone for the time until I randomly received a watch as a gift. I started wearing it and realized how much more convenient it was! Seems like most people are so used to checking their phones that they forgot how nice having a watch can be (-8

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