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Comment The Ribbon (Score 1) 5

I laughed and said that the productivity of the new Office 2007 ribbon menus provide should boost my firms bottom line by 12% as measured by my stop watch.
Holy crap that was funny. I keep hearing about this ribbon and how people hate it, but MS claims it's so much better. I'm pretty sure I've bought my last MS product and I don't know anyone who's itching to upgrade Windows or Office, I may never get to try it myself.

Submission + - Blu-ray/HD DVD Disc Sales Numbers Revealed

An anonymous reader writes: The High-Def format wars finally have yardstick against which to measure who's winning with the first public release of VideoScan sales figures for both HD DVD and Blu-ray. The first two weeks worth of data seem to back up what many predicted — that the Blu-ray enabled PS3 is helping Sony quickly close the gap with HD DVD, with almost three Blu-ray discs sold for every one HD DVD during the first week of January. HD DVD still leads in overall discs sold since inception, but that lead looks to be quickly dwindling...
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Journal Journal: [misc] Slashdot port-scans on comment submission? 2

This week I am messing with a new firewall package. Several years ago I used Norton, then switched to ZoneAlarm before settling long-term with Trend. At the moment, I am running Panda, which is not as well-known as any of the others but the company has been around for a long time.


Submission + - Adult Swim Ad Campaign Discovered To Be Hoax

makinola writes: "A clever ad campaign caused a serious uproar in Boston on Wednesday. On Wednesday January 31st Boston was on high alert as Police and F.B.I agents located "suspicious packages" throughout the city. Thought to be some sort of bomb plot, the packages were part of an ad campaign for Adult Swim. The packages were magnetic light boards depicting one of the mooninite characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force giving the finger. From the Article: "...Peter Berdvosky was arrested in Arlington Wednesday night and charged under a recently enacted statute making it a crime to place a hoax device that results in panic...Berdvosky was apparently working for, which was the company hired by Cartoon Network to carry out the ad campaign." The devices were apparently placed throughout the city 2-3 weeks ago according to Cartoon Network. I'm not sure which is worse,the over reaction over some harmless light boards or that it took the authorities 2-3 weeks to realize they should even be looking into anything. I surely feel safer today than yesterday."

Solving DRM in the BitTorrent Age 254

An anonymous reader writes "FiringSquad has a new article on DRM in the BitTorrent Age. They argue that the movie industry looking for "perfect DRM" should aim for the printed book model (people still buy books even though they can read them for free at Barnes & Noble). They argue that the missing element is that screenwriters are not marketed by Hollywood in the same way the book industry markets its authors."

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