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Submission + - Gravity Waves are real and have been detected.

flogger writes: Several news sources are reporting that the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) has discovered observable proof of gravitational waves. They succeeded in detecting gravitational waves from the violent merging of two black holes in deep space. If something like this can be observered, eventually something like this can be manipulated.
Lord of the Rings

Submission + - NY Daily News Breaks Review Silence with Hobit review. (

flogger writes: "The world Premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has come and gone in Wellington, NZ. But because of a "Review Blackout," Stateside Tolkien fans are starving for first impressions of the film: Loyalty to the book, 48 Frames a second, 3d, etc. NY Daily has posted their review early. They love the visuals of the higher frame rate, they enjoy the light-hearted tone of the movie (similar to the source material), but the review warns of a Jar-Jar Binks like character."

Submission + - ATDHE.NEt Taken over by I.C.E (

flogger writes: The popular site linking streams of TV stations around the world has been taken down by I.C.E. / Homeland Security. Users are met with a page title of "This domain name has been seized by ICE — Homeland Security Investigations" and an image of the official looking seals. Just in time for the superbowl.

Submission + - Amazon Kindle 2 now supports PDF natively. (

flogger writes: "Amazon rolled out a new update for the Kindle 2 (US version and world version). This update extends battery life, adds a few new "screen savers," and most importantly, native PDF support. Using a few basic PDF files I have at hand, this works very well and the orientation can be altered for a wider screen. In past articles about the Kindle, most nay-sayers complain about a lack of PDF support. Now what will they say?"

Submission + - Science Fiction and Fantasy Class for High School. 2

flogger writes: I have been asked to help develop a literature course for Science Fiction and Fantasy literature. What do you, the slashdot crowd, consider to be appropriate selections of short stories and novels in these genres for high school students of all ability levels? I'd also like to know why you choose certain selections. This class will be "regular" class and not a class for "flunkies" to earn a credit by sitting docile and listening to lectures. The following is a course description that I have been given as a guideline. This description can change. Any ideas?
Course description:
"In this Junior/Senior level course, students will focus on the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Students will survey the histories of these genres and recognize how world events have been reflected onto other worlds. From the early formation of the genre, with Verne, and the classics of Clarke, Tolkien, Bradbury, and LeGuin, to the contemporary works of Card, Jordan, and Vinge, the genres have been about portraying humanity in possible scenarios. These works have mirrored events throughout the troubled situations of our history and provided optimistic outcomes and horrifying predictions. Through this course, students will utilize analytical skills and reading strategies to evaluate our current situation and project into the literature of different worlds while sharing and learning of an author's insight. Possible areas of interest will be topics of the environment, energy conservation, war, social issues, and others. "

Submission + - Amazon officially announces new Kindle DX

flogger writes: "Amazon announced today the release of their new generation kindle, the Kindle DX. There was speculation yesterday that this would happen. Now we have details. One of the biggest features is now the addition of native PDF ability. This has been one of the biggest detriments to the kindle family so far. Too bad it is over $100 more than a Kindle 2."

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