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Submission + - Mars One: Privately Funded Settlement Project (

flnca writes: Gizmag recently reported about MarsOne, the first privately funded Mars settlement project: "The first people to colonize Mars might be reality TV show contestants. No, this is not a joke — it's a tremendously ambitious, eyebrow-raising plan devised by Dutch company Mars One. Next year, the company aims to select several teams of four astronauts each, and the public will be the final judge as to which team will get the ticket for a (one-way!) seven-month trip to the Red Planet in 2023."

Submission + - Microsoft Kills Off Windows API Programming ( 1

flnca writes: When I tried to tinker with Visual C++ Express 2010 today, I noticed that the online help system doesn't contain the Windows API programming chapters anymore. This makes it impossible to develop applications for Windows in C or C++ using the Windows API. I figure that's a move by Microsoft to discourage programmers from using it and urging them to move to .NET development.

Submission + - Alien Invasion in the USA!!! ( 1

flnca writes: On Thursday, not long after midnight, Bostoners were in for a surprise when they saw a huge spacecraft hovering in the night sky. According to early reports and eye witnesses, the craft has begun launching capsules that were seen landing around Essex and Norfolk. Local radio stations and police advised citizens to remain calm and stay in their homes until the situation is under control. The National Guard has been called in for help. If you see any alien craft within your area, please stay calm and inform the local authorities. CNN had some footage up on here but apparently it has been deleted for whatever reason.

Submission + - German Gamer TV Channel Cancelled (

flnca writes: "According to German Giga TV channel itself, it will be taken off syndication on German digital TV networks by end of March 2009. In a sad address note (German; English Google translation here), Stephan Borg, one of the CEOs, says among other things, that Premiere (the company's only investor) was unwilling to keep Giga running and that they want to focus on their core competence, digital subscriber television. Giga was the only TV channel focused on video gaming in Germany. They had a history of 10 years, and NBC was their second-to-last big investor. The future of Giga's gaming-centric website remains uncertain."

Submission + - 2009 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Bugs (

flnca writes: Recently, the CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) site published a list created by SANS, MITRE and many software security experts in USA and Europe that describes the 25 most dangerous programming errors that can lead to software vulnerabilities and exploits. Increased awareness in programming, education and management staff can help to avoid such bugs in the future.

Submission + - AIX on the Desktop is Getting the Boot (

flnca writes: "Today, I was playing with the thought again to purchase an AIX workstation one day when I can afford them, and I was surprised to see that IBM is going to give its Intellistation POWER Series workstations the boot in January '09. A black day for AIX on the desktop. I really wonder what's the problem there, warehouse costs? IBM has a history of burying its best stuff (like OS/2 for instance). Some years ago, I enjoyed hacking away on an RS/6000 workstation running AIX 4.2, and it was a pure joy. Not only the kernel, but also the admin tools, like smit and smitty. Their blade-centric solution uses Windows as a client for workstation application. This truly sounds like IBM wants AIX only for servers anymore. I'm not amused. Although, eXceed on Windows with an XDCMP server running on AIX might also be a viable solution ... whatever. But it can't beat a native POWER box sitting on your desk, that's for sure. ;)"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Want to help create the next big OS? 1

flnca writes: "You probably know the success of MS Windows. But what if you could sponsor the creation of the next big OS? What if there's someone who knows exactly how to do it? I've been rolling around an idea in my head for the past 19 years. I know the OS that I have in my mind would be the best OS ever created, and would conquer the industry by storm. Unfortunately, I never get around to implement it. If you're willing to employ me for a full-time job, I can do it for you. There's only two conditions: 1. The resulting OS must be open-source (MUCH money can be made later, and probably during development as well, as there would be parts that could be released early). 2. I must be able to live comfortably off my salary. The more additional developers I get, the quicker I might be able to complete it. I won't talk about details (I know that's bad, but I want to avoid offspin before it's largely complete), but I can say as much, that most of the concepts already exist, but aren't used in the proper way. Somebody's got to put it all together. And I can do it. I can do design and implementation. I'm sure the open source community will be happy to help once the ground work has been established. The only problem is I can't do the ground work without money. That's the downside of capitalism, that good ideas can sit in the drawer forever if no-one is willing to sponsor them. Plus, I'm a developer, I'm no good at advertising myself. The code name of the project is Dynamic Environment Layered Operating System (DELOS). This might also give you a cue as to what it is."

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