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Comment Re:Not a zero-day (Score 1) 2

If you had read the associated articles, you would have known that those researchers described in great detail how to use that exploit. Hence it is indeed a 0-day exploit, since new malware might appear any minute now, even if it hadn't existed before. Plus, such exploits always indicate places in which malware might have gone undetected in the past. Those statements of yours are blatantly ignorant and extremely foolish, to say the least.

Submission + - Mars One: Privately Funded Settlement Project (

flnca writes: Gizmag recently reported about MarsOne, the first privately funded Mars settlement project: "The first people to colonize Mars might be reality TV show contestants. No, this is not a joke — it's a tremendously ambitious, eyebrow-raising plan devised by Dutch company Mars One. Next year, the company aims to select several teams of four astronauts each, and the public will be the final judge as to which team will get the ticket for a (one-way!) seven-month trip to the Red Planet in 2023."

Submission + - CPU competition heating up in 2012? (

jd writes: "2012 promises to be a fun year for hardware geeks, with three new "Aptiv-class" MIPS64 cores being circulated in soft form, a quad-core ARM A15, a Samsung ARM A9 variant, a seriously beefed-up 8-core Intel Itanium and AMD's mobile processors. There's a mix here of chips actually out, ready to be put on silicon, and in last stages of development. Obviously these are for different users (mobile CPUs don't generally fight for marketshare with Itanium dragsters) but it is still fascinating to see the differences in approach and the different visions of what is important in a modern CPU.

Combine this with the news reported earlier on the DDR4, and this promises to be a fun year with many new machines likely to appear that are radically different from the last generation.

Which leaves just one question — which Linux architecture will be fully updated first?"


Submission + - Wendy: The slick partyscape designed to clean New York's air (

cylonlover writes: This summer, Wendy will be tidying up the neighborhood in Queens, New York. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will be attempting to clean the air in style at its PS1 satellite location with an outdoor architectural project that's designed to provide shade, shelter and water while also plucking pollutants out of the sky. Wendy's spiky arms aren't just a dramatic piece of eye candy — the fabric skin is treated with titanium dioxide nanoparticles that neutralize airborne pollutants. HWKN, the architectural firm behind the project, says this summer Wendy will clean the air to the equivalent of removing 260 cars from the road.

Submission + - China launches alternatives to Android, Google Drive, iOS, iTunes (

Genda writes: "Baidu, the Chinese software service giant, has announced it will soon be launching a new smartphone and the cloud-centric operating system (OS) that will power it.

The phone is the Changhong H5018 built by Foxconn and will be the first mobile device powered by Baidu’s "Cloud Smart Terminal" environment. Establishing a new era of sub $150 (1,000 RMB) devices in China.

A 100 GB storage area on Baidu’s cloud Netdrive will be given to each new phone customer, on Wangpan. The Google Drive-like service stores clouded multimedia while linking to the desktop service. The phone will include standard services like Baidu Music, Baidu Map and a broad host of other applications.

Baidu is also preparing its own dedicated app store — the Baidu Cloud Store — which it says will provide access to “a huge range” of apps to cater for the needs of smartphone owners."


Submission + - Are Americans oblivious to History, stuck on Stupid or just ideological Idiots? ( 1

FayPax writes: "Since colonial times the economy and the politics of the country have been controlled by the top 1%...because the 99% allow it; even worse, a large percentage of the 99% support it. The elite crash the economy and withdraw huge sums of money from the middle class and the working poor and some Americans applaud them.

Workers rail against the very unions that gave them their benefits and protects them from near enslavement. Indeed, they see no parallel in a sudden push to reinstate child labor, repeal minimum wage laws or the revival of prison labor. If corporations wanted to hire, they would. Neither taxes nor regulations are stopping corporations from creating jobs...they’re holding the nation hostage because they don’t want to pay any taxes, be held to any regulatory standards or pay a fair price for labor.

Congress is weighing legislation that will make protests illegal. That’s so when people finally figure out that they’re being screwed to the wall, they’ll have to shut-up and take it or go to jail."

Comment Re:Fixing this leak solves nothing! (Score 1) 280

The big problem at Fukushima is that the top half of the reactor buildings are GONE.

I've wondered about this myself. If you compare the fact that you mentioned to a schematic of the reactor buildings, where do you think could the containment vessels and their contents be?

When you look at the images of buildings 3 and 4, do you actually see a containment vessel?

I'm really worried when I look at the images. It looks like the explosions have blown the containment vessels apart. Some guy on some blog said that it would all be nothing but smoldering burning ruins ... do you think there's a possibility that the containment vessels are intact?

Do you think there's a risk of a domino effect? That the rises in ambient radiation could affect other reactor sites in the area?

Comment Re:'disturbing to who?' (Score 1) 446

And "freedom of speech" was never about "no consequences for your speech".

So I guess any dictatorship can claim they support free speech now, don't they?

"You are free to speak, but it will have consequences."

What's the point of free speech if you can't speak without having to fear repercussions?

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