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Comment Re:Absolute nonsense (Score 2) 338

You get what you pay for... Remember the 2 airlines that had IT meltdowns? Cost them what, 1-2 weeks of revenue because they went cheap on their IT backend?

Plus... "Train the cheap overseas guy we're hiring so we can lay you off" is plenty grounds to skip the notice period most employers want before someone quits. Hostile work environment ought to cover any need to justify immediately quitting.

Comment Quit instead of train overseas replacement (Score 2) 338

I'd quit immediately if I was told to train replacements before I got fired. Why knot the rope thats gonna be used to hang me? I don't understand why anyone puts up with that kind of crap. Passive resistance until you find another job, then quit asap before you do anything to help them get rid of you.

This is what unions are supposed to be for, things like ensuring that work rules and contracts do not permit forcing employees to train overseas replacements before getting laid off. Non-union employees need to stand up for themselves and not let themselves get abused like this. It would only take one or two instances of an entire IT department quitting en-masse to make the point that making employees train their overseas outsourced replacements is a non-starter. Get a couple CEOs fired rather dramatically when their outsourcing idea results in the company taking a multi-million dollar hit when an entire department quits before they get laid off.

Comment Re:Cannot charge while using headphones (Score 1) 551

You must also have the courage to buy all new equipment to work with your new phone. Car doesn't have the right connector? Buy a new car to go with your courageous new iphone that doesn't work with anything else!

Didn't IBM try this with the PCjr, back in the day? Someone might want to fwd some of those old ads to Apple since they've forgotten that someone tried this already and failed miserably.

Comment How to pronounce "courage" (Score 1) 551

Apple calls it courage, I call it pathetic stupidity.

I use regular headphones/earbuds with my iphone all the time and have no intention to change that. I also am all set up to use my iphone playing music in my car using the headphone jack, and I use the same earbuds for my laptop and iphone when I travel to reduce gear clutter. Apple made a huge mistake with the new iphone this time, removing the headphone jack. I could buy a complete high-end android phone for the cost of the idiotic dongles and adapters Apple expects people to buy to use with the iphone as an alternative to buying new *everything else*. Does apple really expect me to buy some goofy dongle or a new car simply because my nice current car only has a headphone jack aux input? Pathetic stupidity.

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