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Comment Re:There's a question about that at Skeptics (Score 1) 294

"For all your whining about how the government can't do anything right, you little twits haven't grown up on top of a waste chemical disposal trench."

I remember when Lake Erie was on fire, and I still KNOW the government cant do anything right.

Lake Erie never caught fire, it almost "died" because of algae blooms though. The Cuyahoga River caught on fire.

Comment But Computer Scientist do look backwards (Score 1) 704

Go look at a ray tracing paper or a photon mapping paper. It probably cites Kajiya's rendering equation paper from 1986. Thin plate spline registration? Bookstein from 1990. Its not software like MacPaint, but software is built on the back of research, so why focus on MacPaint when you can focus on the research? There's a mountain of literature out there, and CS definitely requires people to look backwards before moving forwards.

Comment Re:I'm regreting the death of other search engines (Score 1) 329

These are businesses that buy in bulk and sell to yuppies.
Heirloom seeds have become a profitable business so only the ones willing and able to pay the Google search tax even show up on the search results.

Lets not be so hasty to jump to the conclusion that Basically the scam sites were paying a bundle to show up on the first few pages in the search results.. You stated that those businesses are selling to yuppies and heirloom seeds have become a profitable business. This would indicate to me that yuppies have jumped into your niche, which you are very knowledgeable about. But, isn't it just as reasonable to jump to the conclusion that a large number of what you call "yuppies" have decided those "scam sites" are legit and have been posting images and links to their product all over on Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, tumblr, etc, etc? And that's driven those up the rankings? That those you deride as "yuppies" are really driving this new interest in seeds and therefore because of their far reaching followings on Pinterest, drive the search results? In essence, all those "sheep" are actually driving the results now rather you. Google may not have sold out, rather your voice has been drowned out.

Comment GM owned EDS from 1984 to 1996 (Score 1) 304

I'm surprised no one, not even the article, mentioned that EDS was at one time owned by GM, purchased in 1984 and then spun off in 1996 as an independent company. After it was sold, GM contracted a lot of work from EDS for IT services. While 1996 was quite a long time ago, I'd imagine that the IT work that HP did for GM through EDS was very intimate given the nature of the relationship between the companies.

Comment JL8 by Yale Stewart (Score 1) 321

Imagine if the Justice League met as super-powered children instead of adults. And their gym teacher was Darkseid. And Batman and Superman pretending to be Spider-man with the mouth sound effects (Tchoo!) Its sweet without being over-bearing and hits that perfect note of what it is to be children.

Comment Anecdotal comments about Kickstarter (Score 1) 100

I've supported one Kickstarter because it was a photography project by a friend who is a professional photographer, i.e. he's been published in Time magazine. I supported it because it was a thoughtful project with a timeline and real deadlines. Once the funding was met and he started the project, he gave status updates every few days and completed the project on time. I was happy to participate.

Every other offer that's been solicited by friends I've turned down. The most recent one, which did get funding, was a friend who started a handmade clothing company. This person is the CEO and chief designer. The company has had 3 employees on and off over the last 3 years. A shipping deadline was missed last Christmas to deliver handbags, scarves and laptop bags. This person has taken donations from friends and family and given them receipts so they can claim them on their taxes, but the company is not a 503c. The Facebook message from the launch was "If this doesn't get funded, my company is going out of business."

I feel like Kickstarter is a great idea, but the latter has become the norm for me. "I've completely screwed up as an owner, but I'm not really begging if its on Kickstarter." Or "I have this idea, but I have no idea how to execute it but I need money, off to Kickstarter!"

Comment Re:A step in the right direction (Score 1) 133

Albeit, this isn't new(we suspended a lot of rights during WWII, at least. see here: [] ), but we just need to get rid of this idea)
Yeah, the Americans weren't the only ones to intern ethnically Japanese portions of the population. The Canadians did as well.

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