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Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 2, Insightful) 594

Is it morally outrageous for someone to start a job and then want to start a union? I don't think it is. Musk's accusation that he was paid to do this is just that - an accusation. Musk has a habit of making these kinds of accusations when allegations against his companies are made.

Tesla is the last car company left in California, because costs are so high.

It's very clear what he's saying there. He also doesn't deny anything else, such as mandatory overtime. That's the classic way companies worldwide are now getting around minimum wages and cutting corners - by making you work more than your 'official' hours for the same money. H1B visas work on exactly that principal, so wait until Trump gets around to them ;-).

Comment I Was Impressed (Score 1) 101

Yes, there are questions about how this happened, how an admin was seemingly under a bit of pressure that that happened, the question about non-existent backups and whether they have people with enough Postgres skills, but I was impressed about the way they admitted it. They didn't butt cover, they admitted upfront and point-blank "Yer, we've deleted the production Postgres data directory, our backups don't work, we're seeing what we can salvage elsewhere."

Yes, if you have copies of your production data in staging as a last resort when all else is not good, they can be used as backups. I would imagine they wouldn't want that stomach dropping feeling again..................

Comment Re:You couldn't make enough (Score 2, Insightful) 406

If this was a genuine success then they would not be trumpeting 'revenue'. Microsoft did exactly this with Windows Phone, along with the usual 'supply problems' and 'we can't make enough' crap, and the reality that everyone knew anyway gradually dawned.

There is one use-case for these things and that's fitness. That's it. There's absolutely bugger-all here that tells us the Apple Watch, or any other 'smart' watch that anyone else makes, is the runaway success they are claiming. However, Apple has become a self-fulfilling prophecy from a financial point-of-view. It simply has to continue to be a rampant success because so many have ploughed money into it.

The whole thing is sustained on a bubble of nothing. At least Jobs had something to back up the hyperbole and worked out why people would use the product he was trumpeting.

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