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Comment Re:Canary (Score 2) 274

Indeed. The monetary system we have, quantitative easing and easy money perpetuates it. These people can be exceptionally rich without having any actual skills or any redeeming features whatsoever to show for it.

People like David Icke reckons these people are lizards. In a manner of speaking they are. Their brains are certainly wired very differently to any normal person with empathy.

Comment Re:Teslas doesn't make cars, they make bullshit (Score 1) 86

They've taken on far too much. The Model 3 should have happened right after the Roadster, and they should simply have iterated over it, increasing quality and reducing costs over time. The Model S, and especially the Model X, have been extremely costly and pointless diversions. Launching new models is something you do when you can put in the kind of capital investment major vehicle manufacturers are able to pump in.

Their financial accounting is creative to say the least, even by normal standards these days. This thing is a runaway train in terms of cash burn now. It's doubtful they will ever make themselves profitable to arrest it.

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