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Comment Re:Still higher than a Soyuz launch (Score 1) 110

>$62 million That is three times the cost of a Soyuz launch

While I've been curious to see SpaceX's progress and the evolution of their technology, the one thing I have always been highly skeptical of are their launch costs. I simply don't believe them. They have to be covering them through an accounting trick via an investor scam or government subsidies.

The reusable thing has been a pipe dream for many decades, but I can't see it being done by standard rockets. The recovery of the vehicle, checking and the shear violence and wear and tear of the process just make it a dead-end IMO.

Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 695

....and this load of objectivist and dualistic bollocks is exactly the problem. You can come up with any load of tripe, and observations *after the event*, to fit the narrative. It's amazing what you can do with means ;-).

If it were to happen now, then it would not be part of a prolonged cooling trend that had been going on for around 200 years at that point and was just reaching its peak, before starting to warm again. The global temperature then passed the peak of the previous warm period (the Medieval Warm Period) in the last century and kept climbing. But you knew all of that, right?

Alas, it's a shame that it doesn't mean anything. The point here is that the Earth has undergone many shifts in its climate, sometimes in a startlingly short period of time. To suggest that people like you know what is actually going on, and then try and predict and say why it's happening is absolutely laughable, but that's the charlatans and PT Barnams fucking about with statistics that we have.

Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 695

If that's how you view it, that's fine, but don't pretend you're taking a scientific approach to the problem.

Fine, but don't pretend that what is going on right now with 'consensus' views has anything to do with 'science'. People are looking at where their next grant payment is coming from.

Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 695

And yet that's precisely what the original poster was complaining about. Climate scientists have progressively refined their models....

Some would call it refining, others would call it flip-flopping as reality doesn't match up to models. It's why we had a change in language from global warming to climate change and then to stuff like 'global weirding', which became all about 'extreme weather' events. In the 1600s the Thames used to freeze over so that you could safely walk from one side to the other. If that were to happen now climate 'scientists' would be up in arms.

Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 695

My belief is that there's an overwhelming consensus amongst scientists who are experts in this field that man-made climate change is real and worth taking action to mitigate.

You certainly can get consensus when you have a large pile of grant money to dole out. On the other side of the coin you've got fossil fuel burners with their own self-interest who would love to have those subsidies for themselves. We, the public are surrounded by charlatans and it's no wonder people are distrustful of 'science'. Is global warming, climate change or global weirding (or whatever they call it this week) happening and is it caused by man? Entirely possible, but sadly we're not going to find out with this load of hocus pocus claptrap.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 252

Not surprised at all. I interviewed with them, and they really wanted me mainly because I got the impression they desperately needed someone who knew what he was talking about for something they really needed. However, HPE already have a massive reputation for casting employees aside and I wisely backed out. They are a company that simply don't do anything useful at all but get cash thrown at them for some reason. That's the result.

Comment Re: Host Your Own. Cloud Experiment Is A Fail. (Score 1) 73

Hilarious, but that response is not untypical as they thrash around trying to justify their own stupid decisions. You can't inform me of the 'wrong' in my post.....because you simply can't.

It does cost a bit more but you can do more.

Everything I did in AWS I could do elsewhere - and more flexibly too, and at an ever decreasing monthly cost.

But yeah dumbarses can really screw it up if they still keep thinking In terms of tin

Yer, tin has always been a problem for me!

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