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Comment Re:Kill The Messenger (Score 3, Interesting) 236

All the right wing people I know were calling for Manning to be publicly hung or publicly executed by firing squad. Outspoken conservative commentator Sean Hannity has gone on record as recently as last week that he was against Wikileaks and thought they were all traitors 10 years ago and is now a supporter.

Comment Really not a big deal (Score 2) 380

They guy may not have truly been "patient zero" but if he didn't fuck 1000 people from all over the world, it sure would have spread a lot slower. Not making any kind of moral observation here, just weird every news story I read talks about him being somehow "vindicated."

Comment Re:good for them (Score 2, Insightful) 639

It's not censorship. Facebook is not restricting freedom of speech nor are they preventing anyone, anywhere from publishing content of any type in any manner of their choosing.

Facebook provides a service. Part of that service is providing you content THEY want to deliver. Don't like the content Facebook delivers? Don't use Facebook.

Is it censorship that Facebook doesn't provide me with my daily BBW jerk off material? Did Facebook shut down the BBW porn site I visit? Did the government, using force of law, manipulate hinder or block any of the stories provided by Facebook, or prevent me from obtaining BBW jerk of material on the internet or printed media?

Comment yet half the country begs for more goverment (Score 0, Flamebait) 90

It's like people simply never learn. Most people in this country can't trip over themselves fast enough racing for government run health care.

Every single bill is about as retarded as this one. Every. Single. One.

Keep voting for more of it, America. You keep getting what you deserve.

Comment Of course they'd send postcards (Score 1) 71

It's not like Amazon has any other way to communicate with me about my Kindle. Someone should invent a device - preferably a portable one, that I could hold in my hands. This device I'm envisioning would have the ability to connect DIRECTLY and SEAMLESSLY to services owned and controlled by Amazon. Amazon could then deliver messages to me, through this device.

Maybe some day, in the far future, I could even read books on such a device! If it was ever to be invented.

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