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Comment Re:Tired of this shit. (Score 1) 178

Your arrogance wreaks of someone who has never served in the military

You mean it wreaks(sic) of a sane person?

particularly in a combat role.

How is that anything to be proud of. If you did that, it only shows that you're dumb, expendable and probably wouldn't have contributed to society in any constructive way anyway.

That said, how does any of this matter to TAI vs UTC, my dear mil-grade potato?

Comment Re:Retarded (Score 1) 178

Except that a second is defined in terms of [what is emitted by] a phase transition of some particular element, or possibly in terms of the speed of light. Neither of which cares or has anything to do with Earth going around the Sun, and spinning around its own axis.
So "more accurate" is wrong. It will conflict with everything that does not both a) smear time and b) smear time in the exact same way google does.

Comment Re: Desktop Windows has more users than X11/Linux (Score 1) 403

Except he didn't say "free as in free beer"

The second "free" is redundant and hence implied. I only explicitly mentioned it to explain the phrase to you...

(which really makes no sense

...apparently unsuccessfully so, sigh. It must suck to be this dumb.

because you could substitute beer with anything in that case, such as "free as in free cars")

Just how often do you get "free cars" in the real world, my severely challenged friend? Okay, okay. Presumably as often as you get free beer, but for the rest of the world, "free beer" is actually not the rarest thing in the world. It tends to correlate with a bit of a social life outside mom's basement, though.

he said "free as in beer".

So you are able to read. Next step: reading comprehension.

Note that he never said "free beer".

He didn't need to (hint: that's what the big-boy word "implied" means, in the paragraph above)

You should have paid attention in school. Illiteracy is a horrible thing.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Comment Re:Elegant? (Score 1) 176

among other things

See, my concern are those "other things", which would boil down to de-facto interweaving the formerly separate projects, adding dependencies from project A to project B, and project B to project A, which means, as you certainly know, that it's really more one project AB. I'll admit I'm not tracking changes to the systemd source repository, so maybe my concern has not become reality yet, but I think it's not very far fetched that this will happen, if it didn't already.

I mean what would you do, if you want to implement a fancy feature in your $pet_project, but unfortunately it requires $pet_project specific support in $dependent_project, and $dependent_project happens to be inside your own repository. Don't tell me that the reasoning would be "oh yeah, we better hold on and think of a implementation-agnostic approach to this particular issue rather than just committing this little patch". Not for most programmers, and especially not for special expert L.P.

Well we can all think what we want about the modern desktop but there is where the majority of the users will be, tyranny of the majority so to speak.

Yes. But is this what we actually want? I for one don't, and this isn't meant to sound elitist, but simply realist. Experience shows that if you let "the masses" in, things tend to become shitty and commerialized. Yes, I also thought, at some point, that it would be very cool if everybody used Linux. Unfortunately "using Linux" is pretty much pointless if you don't use the shell, and for that you need to be actually interested in the matter. Most people want to use their computer as an appliance, and this is what Linux (or real unix) has always sucked at.

If Linux is being made ready for the masses, and, looking at the current process of windowsification, it certainly is headed in that direction, it will become just that, another windows. yay. This is sadly why I don't try to "convert" people to BSD as I used to do when i was a fanboyish linux-advocating PFY. Demonstrate that you're actually interested in operating systems, that you don't mind sticking your nose in C source and that you don't wet yourself over lack of support for $latest_hype, and I'll happily show you the way (and walk it a bit) towards (what I consider) reasonable OS, is how I currently hold it.

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 586

Jesus do you need the damn joke broken down for you?

Please don't call me Jesus, it's really more an inside name for my apostles. If you are one of my apostles, you might have missed that we switched to a smarcard based authentication system recently (it's two-factor!). Thanks for considering.

do you need the damn joke broken down for you?

Apparently so. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean that I'm extraordinarily dumb, it might just mean your joke was extraordinarily bad.

You said they didn't have the resources. Now that Trump is elected they magically have the resources from donations.

No, now they're pretty non-magically starting to raise money for the mirror.

Why didn't they do it before?

Who knows, maybe nobody gave a shit? Maybe it was on their TODO list for ages? Maybe they were reasonably convinced that the previous government did not pose a danger to their project?

Because Trump wasn't elected yet and they couldn't scare people into irrationally thinking the president elect had magical internet erasing powers

I can think of a ton of other excuses they could have used to scare people into donating for an outside-US mirror, well before Trump.

Well one of the candidates did, ha-ha-ha that's a joke too, get it? Please don't make me explain this one too.

As a German, I lack any sense of humor, so please do. Well, provided this joke isn't as crappy as your previous attempt at humor. You might also want to note that the US doesn't cover the entire planet and adjust your assumptions accordingly wrt. how familiar I am with - or how few actual fucks I give about - the details of this election that go beyond "who did actually end up getting elected".

Democrats were using fear of Trump (Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, inexperienced, etc, ad nauseum) to garner votes. It didn't work.

That's, like, very interesting.

Now that he's actually been elected (You mean the mother fucker won?!?!? (This is a reference to a bit by Eddie Murphy about elections (also a joke.)))

Since this is the first of your jokes that I immediately "get", and since it's pure shit and didn't even make me twitch, I'll take it as the baseline of your joke quality.

[blah blah trump]

Ok. Or maybe people don't trust in that everything going on in the US government is completely legit and happens 100% in compliance with the laws and the constitution (Film at fucking eleven). Nobody has a faint clue what your shiny new president is going to do, or to try. Everybody knows that if a govenment really wants something, it tends to find a way to make it happen. So in the light of this unpredictability, I'd say it's a justified, precautionary move.

Ta da! Now laugh.


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