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Comment Re:Don't remake, release the source. (Score 1) 159

How? How do they stop people from hosting it off of some sketchy website in a country that ignores their lawsuits?


That said, the number of people getting it from some sketchy website is probably small (drop in a bucket, for a company like Blizzard), compared to the number of people who'd get it from legitimate (as in, non-sketchy) sources, which in turn ought to be small compared with the number of people who don't give a flying fuck about the source, and just want to play the game, willing to buy it for small money from Blizzard.

So I don't think Blizzard would have anything to worry about releasing the source, in fact, the positive PR might well outweight the "losses" (same "losses" that music label xyz suffers due to me downloading one of their tracks which sure as hell i would never even think about purchasing)

Comment Re: Mint (Score 1) 486

I love an OS when it works like I want it to, but I hate that Linux takes little care in catering to average, modern computer users that are not IT workers. Things should just work, and when the don't work, they should be easy to fix w/ point and click.

But we aren't at that point yet, so why are people who can't troubleshoot/debug easy things loving linux *now*.

You seem to be under the impression that I'm saying unix is great because you HAVE to fiddle with it. I'm not, I'm saying unix is great because you CAN fiddle with it when the need arises. Unlike e.g. Windows, where basically everything is a black box and you have to resort to google generic error messages and things like that, and even if it were more transparent, you don't even get to look at the source code.

I like that it isn't backed by any singular for-profit company that wants to display ads on my machine or mine my personal data for profit.

Fair enough

Comment Re: Mint (Score 1) 486

Unfortunately for you, configure will tell you what dependency is missing. On stdout or stderr. Usually the last line. Try reading it. If you need the actual program that was run to probe for the lib, including the exact compiler invocation that was used (protip: you rarely need that), that goes to config.log. Protip: search the file for obscure keywords like 'error' or 'fail'.

That said, I fail to see how your comment relates to mine except in that you brought up a good (though trivial) example of what i meant when i said that IMO the one "lovable" thing about unix is that sufficiently competent users can usually help themselves out of trouble. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't be using it because I could get a better consumer experience elsewhere.

Comment Re: Mint (Score -1, Troll) 486

Ain't that the truth! As much as I love Linux, when I have a problem, it becomes a real pain in the ass.

That makes me wonder, why exactly and for what do you "love" Linux, if you're unable to help yourself when problems arise?

You can't possibly "love Linux" for it's polished user experience or anything, because that just doesn't exist. So what is it?

Not trying to troll, I'm genuinely curious.

Comment Re: Or... (Score 1) 319

I somewhat doubt it, because unless my math is off, earth shrunk to the rough size of a billard ball would have a difference in equtorial/polar diameters of almost 0.5 mm, which would produce visible wobble when rolling. Unfortunately I could not find official specifications of how a pool ball is supposed to be shaped -- since you obviously could, mind sharing the ruleset?

That said, even if you're right, your point is moot, because it doesn't change that a globe isn't 100% accurate.

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