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Comment They are also often newer (Score 1) 164

That is another huge determining factor. The big cost is laying the infrastructure. The kind doesn't matter so much. So, if you are doing new deployments, fiber is more likely. The cable company here is all FTTH all the time for new build outs. However once that shit is deployed a replacement is a lot of money that you'd rather not spend. So they are less inclined to do it.

Well new developments also tend to not be low income. Usually middle and upper class is what they target. No surprise then that is where you see more of it.

There are plenty of rich neighbourhoods where I live with no fibre. The one right next to me is a good example. About 2 blocks away, and they have the same cable and DSL offerings I do in my cheap condo. Neither the telco nor cable company feels there's enough money to be made in ripping up and redoing the lines in either place, despite the fact that those houses are almost all 7 figures.

Go out in to a new subdivision though, and it is usually FTTH.

Also when they do rip things up and replace, of course they target the rich places since those people are more willing to spend the money. Offer someone low income the option of $100/month gigabit or $20/month 1.5mbit and they will likely go with the 1/5mbit. Ya it is way more per bit and annoyingly slow on the modern Internet, but it gets the job done and $80/month is a lot in the budget of someone low income.

Comment Re:100 years ago, who cares? (Score 1) 480

I don't have any good predictions for the year 2047 on that subject.

Really? Why not? Because you claim today, with absolute certainty, that the Armenian genocide is non-relevant information (because of age). If that is a valid argument then it must be universally applicable. When you argue "if event X if older than Y years then it is non-relevant information" you cannot cherry pick values for X for which the argument should be true and "uncertain" for others. There are no reasons why that argument should not be applicable for the Nazi's killing of jews, Stalin's killing of Gulag prisoners, or other historic events if it is a valid argument.

It is not a valid argument, which is why I pick on it to expose it as such. Deep in your heart you know this as well I assume. I find it sadly disturbing that instead of admitting this you choose to try to deflect and thereby not agreeing on that calling the Nazi killing of jews during WW2 non-relevant information (when discussing history) will never be acceptable.

The (implicit) argument "nothing can be predicted about the future" is not valid either. Of course many things are difficult or impossible to predict about the future, but not everything. Example: I claim today that a man that never admits mistakes is a dishonest man, and I will most certainly continue to do so in 2047 as well.

I do not understand why you engage the way you do. Could you help me understand by trying to explain what you lay down as problem and cause for your action?

What is the problem?
What is the cause?
What is the solution?
Emotionally engage in advocating that the Armenian genocide can be ignored.

Comment Re:100 years ago, who cares? (Score 1) 480

No one called for "not talking about it".

Have you not called for not talking about the Armenian genocide several times?

But people who weren't alive and making decisions at the time are innocent of what happened. They should be free from dealing with it if they choose.

The first sentence is a truly valid argument. Although not very relevant. Because the question is not whether people living today are responsible for things that happened 100 years ago (of course they are not), but the question is how people are dealing with the history they have inherited from their ancestors. No one is free to ignore history.

Comment Re:This movie is a PR and failed miserably at it (Score 1) 480

Compared to the above two, Armenian massacre is small.

You are making up a false dilemma here. If is not either the two examples you gave or the Armenian massacre, is is both.

All wrongdoings by any country should be openly discussed, be it Japanese war crimes during WW2, human rights violations by the CIA, the Bosnian genocide, etc. Trying to downplay any such event as "not important" or "not as bad as something else" is being dishonest and respectless.

Comment Re:100 years ago, who cares? (Score 2) 480

So where is the big deal in saying...

Where's the big deal in not bothering to say it?

Leg me tell you what the big deal is by "not bothering to say". In the very best case, it will be a passive aggressive way of denying that it happened. Denying what happened is being dishonest. A man or a country that never admits mistakes is a dishonest man or country. Why do you not care about honesty?

Comment Re:Agreed, though may I suggest (Score 1) 149

Thanks. I like the look of those a lot. It's a good deal cheaper than a similar Netgate device (my go to since they own PFSense). Only real area it looks like it would have notably worse performance would be VPN since it lacks AES acceleration. But so long as that isn't being used it should be around the same speed as the 4 core atoms Netgate uses.

I may think about one for home. I'll probably stick with my Edgerouter Lite since those Cavium chips just get lower latency than you can get in pure software at this point, but I am a bigger fan of PFSense than EdgeOS for sure.

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