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Comment I would believe it. (Score 3, Insightful) 212

I'm quite left of center and the hate for Hillary among my group is probably as bad as the Trump fan hate for Hillary, and people have been complaining about posts disappearing.

Editing content makes you responsible for the content itself, as you are exerting control over it.

I believe practices like this are ridiculously dumb.

Especially since I consider "hate speech" a great idiot filter. It allows me to keep my friends list trimmed. Just like a Confederate flag is, or Trump signs in the yard. But that's my own choosing. I don't want Facebook choosing for me.

Yeah, I know, if it's free you are the product. The problem is that the telnet chat that everyone used has been abandoned (even though it's still up after all these years).


Comment Re:Weird... (Score 2) 66

Well yes and no. With 24 billion in your pocket you are just another rich guy. Running an influential tech company you are a celebrity.

Like you say with that kind of cash you can certainly try some other ideas out. The thing is you can try those ideas out if your the CEO and major stock holder of a huge company too. The only difference is rather than starting a new company you start a new department. If the idea is successful you can spin off the department into its own company, that you also run. If its a flop you move onto something else, and if any good technology etc came out of it ownership by the existing entity is clear and it can be use elsewhere.

Provided Mark diversified a little by selling some facebook stock and buying some other assets, should something unthinkable happen; he has more influence, and more opportunity to try out crazy schemes like rural internet service via miniature dirigibles, than he does with money alone.

There is no reason to 'take the money and run' in this case.

Comment Re:Exactly this! Its about revival of Eugenics (Score 1) 227

You know "curl" vs "cruel" would be spelling not grammar. Which one of us is ignorant now?

Next lets consider that you understood exactly what I meant as demonstrated by the fact that you proposed an alternative spelling we both recognize. English has a descriptive not a prescriptive dictionary. There is no body that is empowered to decided what is correct English there is only conventional and common usage. One can argue any message that is understood as the author intended without difficulty on the part of the recipient is in fact correct English as far as there can be such a thing as correct English, again there being no authority.

Don't lecture me about ignorance when you apparently don't even know or understand basic facts about the language your attempting to communicate in and the common definitions of words like spelling and grammar. I'll concede I understood your message so it was in that sense correctly encoded, if unconventional.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2) 155

You will see this with a lot of SSDs as well larger capacity models have better write performance because many are capable of paralleling writes. It takes some small bit of time to program a flash block, there is not need to keep data contiguous on a medium with no seek time, therefore you can spray data all over the flash medium and that is fine because you are logically mapping all the blocks anyway.

Its not surprising to me that even the embedded NAND or NOR flash in smart phone would act like a raid0 over X number of chips. I am not saying that is what is going on but its reasonable explanation based on what I know about other memory devices.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 5, Insightful) 259

>Windows may suck, but they own the hardware driver market,

Linux supports more hardware than Windows supports at one time. Linux even supports that pre-XP scanner that you had to throw out because Microsoft changed the driver model and the manufacturer said "well, the customers will just have to buy new ones."

>driver installation on linux vs windows

It's laughably easier on Linux. Indeed, there aren't these "driver disks" or ridiculously large "driver packs" with bloatware, Flash, Adobe Reader, and Ask toolbars and other totally unrelated junk.

>no games

Funny, Steam has plenty of games.

>but my (obscure game)

Ah, the last refuge of the Windows shill - windows is a game launcher.

>wider universe of valuable things

I find that the software available from the repos is surprisingly good /and/ is not laden with "appeal to the lowest denominator" graphics nonsense (virus scanners on Windows with animations to demonstrate to the user that it's "doing something" as a particularly egregious example). This nonsense is rife throughout the "windows universe of valuable things."

>daily use tasks Linux is better

Indeed. And less common tasks too.


Comment Re:Exactly this! Its about revival of Eugenics (Score 1, Troll) 227

It is disturbing and if you look at the radical pro-abortion agenda being advanced by the left this year. Attacking the Hyde Amendment, trying to ensure elective procedures (murders) are covered by health insurance, the "share your abortion story" push by Richards, the "My sister is a Happy Ghost" children's book etc, its all little bits of nasty final solution. Next look where they put up the free/low cost abortion "clinics" and than look at what groups are having abortions by the numbers, the game is clear.

Its pretty clear to me the "progressives" in this country are working to revive the early twentieth century eugenics movement. Much of their own electorate is being used as ignorant rubes with lots of fancy language about "rights," "equality," and "liberty" while the elites laugh knowing they are going to pressure these same people into murdering their own children. Making it so they can't get jobs because they don't have the right markers for intellect etc despite their own actual achievements, work ethic, etc is just a way to turn up the heat. "See you don't even have a future yourself, continuing your genetic line would just be curl, you don't want to be parent" I can almost hear it now. If you are unemployed you don't have money to participate in the political system to try and stop them. They are going after the tax exempt status of religious institutions that don't play nice, again take away the money, it started way back with the Johnson amendment and now that people are over that they are turning up the heat a little more.

This is about slowly boiling Pepe. Its about accomplishing what they could not get done in the 1920s and 30s because honest decent Americans were still organized and could oppose these people. Its because Hitler fouled up and took things to a place so ugly anyone with a little good in them could not ignore. The curl joke is the marketing machine paints the American left as the party of down trodden when really its a viscous machine designed to consume their very lives.

Comment Re:Really? (Score -1) 244

Except that in situations like this one, and probably most situations where things could go wrong the 'live people' are really just passive passengers.

Even in the 60's the moon landings were done by computer. Could a live pilot have executed no, not with the equipment they sent, the fuel use and tolerances for error were far to small. Could we have sent a more powerful lander possibly at much greater expense and it might have never got off the ground here on earth for reasons of both gravity and money.

Mostly likely a Mars mission would be the same. Even if money is no object economics still play. Do you want an extra week of pre packaged food stuffs or do want a lander than can tolerate the slop of human pilot? Trade offs like that will exist.

If things go wrong humans will most likely go splat before the have had time to read the error message on the control computers display.

Comment Pao is an uniformed bigot (Score 1) 617

Pao rejected the idea that Thiel's donation could be dismissed as political speech. "We agree that people shouldn't be fired for their political views, but this isn't a disagreement on tax policy, this is advocating hatred and violence," she wrote. "Giving more power to someone whose ascension and behavior strike fear into so many people is unacceptable. His attacks on black, Mexican, Asian, Muslim, and Jewish people, on women, and on others are more than just political speech; fueled by hate and encouraging violence, they make each of us feel unsafe."

Pao ignores the fact that just like all the unsubstantiated claims against Trump by people who have worked with him Hillary has a list of accusers as well like her former Chef who says she call a staff member the N-word. Then we have now a nearly endless trail of documentation proving that the DNC arranged for violence at Trump rallies. Hillary can't be conclusively tied to that but given Schultz proved to be in her pocket in terms of rigging the primary elections against Bernie, its hard to imaging Hillary was not at least aware. Keep in mind Hillary never denounced the DNC for the racist e-mails, election tampering, possible voter fraud etc. The media somehow gives her a pass on this while Trump is 'required' by the media to explicit denounce any unsavory groups that endorse him.

Pao plainly does not have a deep understanding of this issues if she thinks making a campaign contribution to a major party candidate isn't political speech. If nothing else the argument you are supporting the platform and agenda not the man holds. People like Pao disgust me! She basically condemns anyone who does not agree with her and destroys them thru manufactured outrage. She does this knowing full well that the outrage machine happens to be aligned with here political views so she does not have to worry about this back firing.

We know the truth Ellen, you are where you are because people are afraid of you will accuse them of being misogynists or racists, or whatever people are most upset about next week and your media buddies will help you pile on and rail road that person no matter what the facts are. My guess is you have done this your entire career, you have probably been at it since before college. There are plenty of successful female executives out there who succeed by being good at what they do, people like you taint their achievements. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Comment Re:Wag. The. Dog. (Score 1) 491

This is why I trust the content of the emails:

Every argument against them is an ad-hominem attack against Assange and the Russians. Not against the content, mind you, /only/ against Assange and the Russians. And the spin in the press (NYT) against the emails is that they have recipes for "creamy risotto" in them - minimizing the content of everything else.

Every article, every statement attacking Assange is a mere smoke bomb to obscure the actual content of the emails, which have stunning correlation to reality.

That's why I trust the emails. I don't have to trust Assange or anyone with all this bullshit being flung by TPTB and their lackeys in the NYT.

I am a lifelong Democrat. No longer. Not after this election season. And no "BUT TRUMP" is going to get me to pull the lever for Hills. The "I'm sick and tired of the status quo" straw that broke the camel's back is now we are directly attacking Yemen at the Saudis' behest.

Fuck 'em.

Yes. I mad.


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