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Comment Time to spine up (Score 1) 43

I am all for Trump's get tough on China stance but 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union we should be applying the same model, rather than exporting our wealth to them via a trade deficit.

The Chinese economy is radically unbalanced right now much more so than our own in fact. If we suddenly deprived them of the sink for all the consumer goods the produces we could probably turn the PRC into failed state! What we ought to do is trigger that and simultaneously lay the ground work for installing a friendly government over their that by simply say "You bet we have a one China policy, the lawful government is the ROC and the capital is Taipei"

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 3, Insightful) 395

If your doctor says you need this 300k$ surgery to survive, and then you need to take this $500 a pill medication every day for the rest of your life, or you will die...
you're not going to shop around. you're not going to say wait, hold on. you're gonna say "OK".

Yes if someone else is writing the check you certainly will. If you had to pay out of pocket lots of people would say "I can't." At which point the medical providers are going to have to find a way to deliver for a lower cost if they want the work at all. They charge enough to basically wipe out the majority of their potential patients but no more. The problem is right now there is essentially no upper limit on what they can charge.

I would also argue that a lot of people might choose alternatives like 'make me comfortable as long as possible' at those prices. $300k I might find away to come up with but at say half a million I might decide it would be better to not bankrupt my family leave my wife and children with some of our aquired wealth and a hefty life insurance payout. I think a lot of people would

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 395

I don't think there is any denying that Obamacare has helped a certain segment of society. There exists a group that got access to care they did not have before. There is a much much larger group that now pays a great deal more for the care they already had access to and is being gradually priced out of consuming as much care as they once did due to the rise in deductibles and premiums they are paying. I know for example I am paying a little more than 3 times what I paid before 2010 in premiums and my deductible as doubled. If I were on a tighter budget the added cost of the premiums would lesson my ability to shoulder the higher out of pocket costs due to the rise in deductible.

There are a lot of families and individuals who are now choosing not to treat minor ailments because they can't fit the out of pocket costs into their budgets. There probably is a cumulative effect of living with these conditions. Although its a bit soon for that show up in life expediency I would think. Still its not at all hard to see how Obamacare has materially hurt far more people than it has helped. The issue is for a small group of people it has help a lot.

Comment Re:Microsoft Bash to the rescue (Score 1) 110

That isn't really the whole truth though is it. PS makes doing things to the system very easy. How do you change a registry entry from cmd? You probably have to write a reg file and invoke reg.exe. Same is true of Bash etc on linux. How do alter my desktop session to auto load your malware everytime I log in? Home bash isn't going to provide you a friendly interface to do that. You probably are going to be pushing sed scripts etc, it will be kludgy and unreliable. How do you exfil data with bash? /dev/tcp/? Sure I guess but its not going to look like any known protocol, isn't going to give you encryption etc; you'll probably end up invoking curl. With PS just create an XMLHTTP request object and go, heck if they use has a proxy configured you'll even get that for free!

I would say an attacker having access to PS on Windows is more like an attacker have access to Ruby or Python on Linux with every ruby/python library under the sun installed!

While the situation PS / Bash might theoretically be comparable in practice its really not.

Comment Re:So lame (Score 1) 84

They are prefectly capable, and have done so. Actually windows is pretty (NT train on which everything current is based) is pretty cross platform.

What Microsoft can't do is get every other vendor in the world to port all their x86 code, and rebuild all their x86 binaries, where the source is otherwise free of x86 assumptions about pointer size, etc.

Comment Re:More holes than swiss cheese (Score 4, Informative) 72

>How can *one* piece of software have so many fucking critical vulnerabilities over the years?

Because it's spaghetti code. It's so bad that the single Linux maintainer flipped his shit years ago and wrote an angry blog post about it. I tried looking for the article, but that is too much of a needle/haystack problem.

Apparently it's been a fucking mess from the beginning.


Comment Re:Predictable... (Score 1) 359

>All they're doing is hiring critical US journalists and satirical comedians to report facts however they want to (as long as they're not critical of Putin or the Kremlin). It's not that hard to do.

RT, DW, BBC, Al-Jazz, etc., don't have to make shit up to make the US look bad. This "hurr the Russians were fucking up our election" bullshit pales in comparison to the actual shenanigans (seals on WI voting machines *visibly* broken, the latest news... and going back to the restriction on voting venues in many states, even my home state, Rhode Island, during the primaries, as just two examples off the top of my head) that took place during the election season.

And the US media mindlessly repeating Clinton gas lighting was particularly infuriating to Bernie voters so much that much of them stayed home, because ... "fuckit, we don't need your vote" and "deplorables."

The only people who buy this "russian" nonsense are low-information people that get their news /only/ from the OTA broadcast networks. Or something. I don't know. Whoever keeps forcing this issue expects everyone to be dumb, I guess.

And one of the latest "we don't fucking get it" things is that Nancy Pelosi is now Minority Leader. Because the public didn't shout loudly enough that they're tired of the same old shit by electing Trump.

So yeah, it's all the fault of the Russians.


Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

>Left-wing government-funded "news" service

If you think that NPR is left wing, you are a fucking idiot. It hasn't been left wing since the end of the Clinton administration. Indeed, it has become completely corporatist since then.

There isn't any"left wing" on media today except outside of the us and random YouTube channels. It's all corporate oriented programming, especially considering that the mainstream media is owned by just a handful of companies.

Lastly, the Koch brothers are major donors to NPR.

Wake the fuck up.


Comment Re:headline resummarized: Tor!=Panacea (Score 1) 55

I am sorry I can't agree. There are going to be ALOT more people running a stock Windows 8.1 or stock Ubuntu than any of the 'privacy' distributions, all of which almost certainly can be finger printed. If you want to blend into the heard I would certainly pick on of those two platforms.

I like the idea of running tor an a separate VM from the one you do your browsing on.

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