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Comment Re:Not surprising after Tron: Uprising was gutted (Score 2) 205

Yea, I have been rewatching uprising in light of this news. If they had let it keep going it likely could have been a another hit animated show on par with Avatar.

Seems it had everything going against it. From the cost, to the demographic, to corporate wanting things to remain "kid" friendly. FFS you had Tron being tortured and being left with life altering disfigurements, makes for great storytelling but five year olds and the advertisers are not going to be interested in "PTSD Mutilated Tron Action Figures".

Comment Re:It was an app on a WORK-Issued Phone! (Score 1) 776

I used to have a job like that, and was expected to be reachable 24/7, even when on vacation.

Customer might have major issues or there might be a hiccup with an outstanding order. Technically we had staff to cover, but it was expected that the larger customers would have a direct way to contact us, so would not sit through a phone tree if a server rack went offline.

Plus my paycheck and my extension my job were dependent on those customers staying happy, so even if I had others to cover for me, if they put my people on the back burner, it'd be me who would have the hit.

Comment Re:serious question (Score 1) 167

Same for the movie page, keeps forgetting what location I set, despite having a Favorited theater; and when I enter a zip code it pulls every theater in my city, not just the nearest ones to my zip.

And now their Chrome extension will change your homepage and search engine to Yahoo, with no option to undo it unless you uninstall the extension, and it has shit reviews as a result.

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