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Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 1) 274

Hmm. I have no memory of any Japanese manufactured stuff with low quality, not even mentioning a reputation of such for their products in general. I do, however, remember that in the 80's most things with "Made in Hong Kong" text had a similar reputation (when Hong Kong wasn't a part of China). Interestingly, Hong Kong is one of the more expensive places to live now, so I don't know if they even have cheap labour or cheap manufacture anymore.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

I purchased a small office grade Canon laser printer. It started complaining about low toner levels before half of the rated start pack page count was printed, and eventually it would refuse to print more than one job without switching power off/on due to "toner having ran out" even though the print quality was still fine, for the next ~500 pages. Then soon after replacing the toner, the printer started to misalign colors despite of recalibrating and then there started to be paper jams. The power on/off cycling had to continue, because now one of the color toners was "empty". The printer was priced at €300 on a discount, the regular price was about €500. Canon refused to do anything about the printer since the warranty had expired, instead they recommended a different model that actually looked almost identical but they said that it had much higher quality mechanics. You can probably guess that after this experience I wasn't going to invest on Canon lasers anymore.

Then I bought an HP officejet. It's pretty comparable in speed and the inks are cheaper - and it does no bullshit "empty" cartridge warning without the rated page count having been printed. Also, the printer itself cost only something like €150. Only weaker side so far is the scanner which doesn't feel as robust as the Canon one, but so far it seems to be okay. I would have been willing to pay a bit more for a more robust scanner, though. But anyways, since the brand cartridges are so cheap, I have no problem using the vendor's cartridges, though in general I think that this HW DRM vendor lock-in should be banned by law for other than safety critical equipment, and also any product doing this should have this kind of information labeled clearly on the box.

Comment Re:not necessarily a bad thing (Score 2) 237

Maybe you don't realize how much people are indirectly dependent on the internet. If internet is taken down, a lot of other services will go down as well. For example, without internet banking, the banks will not be able to handle the inflow of customers anymore. I don't know how much grocery stores depend on the internet for things like ordering food etc., but I would assume they do that. Public transport may use the internet, and with hindered public transport, the streets will get more clogged. Lots of work gets almost impossible due to multi-site collaboration no longer working properly. The internet is also used more and more in health care.

All in all, the internet is so much more than just the web pages. I sure hope things like the power grid or the telephone network are still managed on a completely separate channel, but I don't really have facts on that.

Comment Re:This is a comment subject (Score 1) 17

Argh, Slashdot should really have better notifications, I always miss replies to my posts. But going to the point...

OK, you asked for some (manufactured) controversy, so here are some starters for a debate.

I actually didn't ask for controversy, I was just wondering if the controversy is the thing that often spurs conversations, or what was the reason for the lack of conversation, because I find these news very interesting and also very good. The AC's comment below ( offers an interesting view on this, in my opinion.

Comment Re:This is a comment subject (Score 1) 17

I was wondering the exactly same thing - why there are so few comments. But perhaps this is just great news without causing too much controversy and there's not much to add?

Though I was expecting at least on some speculation on what else could be achieved with something similar. Also, for me it is very curious that two-way neural function has been restored. Perhaps the neurons are secreting some neural growth factors or through some other mechanism causing also other neurons to restore their function. There is a constant flow of stimulus from the skin etc., but for some reason this does not seem to help in the neural pathway restoring. Or is it that the stimulus coming from both directions (brain and legs, for example) is the key to success? If so, perhaps results like this could be achieved also with some two-way neuron stimulation.

Comment Re:Obesity is a recent problem (Score 1) 381

I recently read an article about this. Some of the things are compared to the stone age, but many of these are quite recent changes as well. First, we have excessive amounts of food available - that is an obvious thing: if you have to ration your food, you will eat less. Portion sizes have been getting bigger. According to the article, when increasing the portion size by 50%, people will eat 30% more and still think they ate the same amount as with a smaller portion. Our appetite is food-specific. Earlier, that helped to maintain a rich diet, but with the abundance of food choices in buffets etc., we can easily have reach to tens of different kinds of foods on a meal, so we eat too much. Also, the food nowadays contains more energy and in a form where it will be digested more easily and rapidly. For example, sugar is a fairly recent addition to our diet and even in the youth of my grandmother, it used to be more of a luxury product. We are getting large amounts of energy in our drinks, whereas earlier water was almost the only drink there was. And of course, we are doing much less physical work, so the consumption just is not there. It would be a wonder if this all actually *didn't'* lead to obesity.

Comment Re:What "living hell"??? (Score 1) 120

I agree that "living hell" is a far fetch. However, it is more than mildly annoying especially when viewing the desktop version on a mobile device. The banner takes a significant portion of screen real estate and sometimes also the dismiss button is difficult to hit. I think the savvy users already know cookies are used for tracking all over the internet and the less savvy ones probably will just ignore this. Essentially, after the first few times you see this, it is just additional noise on the web sites.

Comment Lighting level affecting voice control? (Score 1) 402

The disclaimer on the page says:

Voice Control performance may vary depending on language, local dialect, pronunciation, voice and ambient noise and lighting levels.

Is this a mistake? How can lighting level affect voice control performance? Or does the TV also use lip reading and also send video capture to third parties all times?

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