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Comment Re:So ... your users are the QA department? (Score 1) 313

Not quite that easy. User and analyst come together and define requirements. Analyst writes specifications, gives to developers, runs UAT with sprint and all looks good.

Code implemented in production and unrelated issue occurs due to change in code that then forces some other item to be wonky.


Comment Re:To be fair... (Score 1) 46

Well, I'll be one of the five upgrading. Bummer I can't currently find my 950xl because I'd like to try the upgrade on Fast Ring before I commit my X3. I think I see where MS is headed with "mobile" - a future where a device runs the same kernel (OneCore) as a desktop or game console. The device may or may not have a screen (similar to Roku or Google Alexa).

If worse comes to worse I'll fire up my SGS6 and play Pokémon Go! for two minutes until I get bored.

Comment Re: Finally, the year of the Linux Desktop (Score 1) 80

My humble apologies. Apparently I needed to include the </sarcasm> tag.&#194;&#160; A:&#194;&#160; Linux is somewhat irrelevant as a desktop anymore (I have a few dozen blades running a mix of Red Hat and SUSE in one of my server rooms)&#194;&#160;&#194;&#160;&#194;&#160; B: The year of any desktop was supplanted by Android and Ios.&#194;&#160;&#194;&#160; I'm writing this on my phone now.

Comment What about the other five of us using WM10? (Score 1) 180

So I'm one of the 0.5% using Windows Mobile 10. I enjoy the OS, and prefer it to Android or the other mobile OS that people seem to like. I can see why the numbers are dwindling though. Worldwide, IOS is small and on expensive proprietary hardware. Android - though it is not as secure as IOS or Windows - is easily consumed whether one buys a US $2,500 Huawei Porsche Mate 9 (http://www.welectronics.com/gsm/HUAWEI/HUAWEI-Mate9-Porsche-Design.HTML) or an off-brand devices for under US$50. Microsoft really shot themselves in the proverbial foot changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 then to Windows 10. I see what they hope to achieve with Windows 10 and the unified platform but think it will be more of a change in a few years.

Comment go montana! (Score 1) 228

DST is absurd. I see no valid reason to change twice a year. Maybe in northern latitudes, the sun changes more drastically. I live in the south. I recall the old argument to switch off - that kids would be going to school in the dark - and thinking, "why don't they adjust the start time of school to something more reasonable than 8:00?"

Not looking forward to tomorrow.

Comment What about the steering wheel? (Score -1, Offtopic) 180

Having used my phone while driving for the past 20 years (even when it was a brick phone), I wonder about this law. Here in the Socialist Republic of California, there is a similar law. I wonder if we shouldn't just ban holding the steering wheel. After all, I'd wager that 99% of crashes occur to drivers using the steering wheel.

Comment Re:While I love th instant torque... (Score 1) 468

...and my name must be Rockefeller.


Still, can I "fill it up" - ie charge it - in five minutes? Are those seven adults all six feet tall?

Also, is the electric infrastructure renewable like it is here in SoCal?

Just playing devil's advocate here. Give me an electric vehicle with a diesel powered charge sustaining generator and I'm sold.

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