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Comment Re:In the USA, that's criminal. (Score 1) 108

Agreed. Obviously a company here in the usa would LOVE to offer up a program like this to sell to the govt, political groups, et al; but can't because of laws which would make it prohibitive, if not too costly. I have to admit my disgust that there are people who would actually consider such a program and its production; its anathema to so many ideals I cherish. These people are obviously bottom feeders. If they DO get a visit from Homeland "security", it will be most likely to purchase or rent the software and hide its use behind "need to know" rules.

Comment Re:Just one thing, choice. (Score 1) 951

True, and its been marketed with very little challenge since the advent of Direct X, Direct Show, etc. Just DX was an easy cap to Linux/Unix along with whining about copyrights and such. Unfortunately though, both Linux and Unix are far superior gaming platforms when supplied with all needed drivers.... they just plain run faster, more efficiently, and without the bloat.

Submission + - Weaponized radiation testing from 1950 to 1970 in St Louis discovered (

filekutter writes: "Quote from paper: "This piece analyzes a covert Manhattan Project spin-off organization referred to here as
the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, and an obscure aerosol study in St. Louis, Missouri,
conducted under contract by the U.S. military from 1953-1954, and 1963-1965. The military-
sponsored studies targeted a segregated, high-density urban area..."
Link to research paper:"

Comment Wasn't there news that HTML5 was the code for (Score 1) 187

Win 8 desktop? So, where will C++ come into the new OS? Don't get me wrong, I am not a programmer, but I am a tad confused. I know the most rudimentary of C++ coding so maybe I"m just whistling dixie in a tube... but does this mean C++ still relevant on the desktop or will there have to be an old Win 95 layering of code?

Comment We've seen this before (Score 0) 541

NOAA is exonerated, but Inhofe now says this is not clearing the charges and instead, will continue to issue charges and slander at the EPA during the now on-going attempts by Republicans to gut the organization. This is almost perfectly mirrored by Gov. Walker's moves to kill worker's abilities to legally negotiate and/or go on strike. Its not what the Government representatives are saying that is important, its what the goals are. For Wisconsin its a move to force employees to accept work contracts and any changes the company may deign to add, without an ability to challenge. For the EPA its the complete neutering of environmental safeguards and monitoring, thus enabling companies to reduce the monies spent to ensure their production has minimal if or no impact on our environment. Both situations are only being pursued by government representatives with the reduction of corporate responsibility and accountability. To finalize this argument I point to the "Prank" call to Walker; wherein you can infer cronyism, and a willfulness to forgo even a semblance of altruism in exchange for a quid pro quo with corporate interests and power.

Submission + - Boingboing hacked

filekutter writes: " has been hacked. A ridiculous photo of a guy with a many-penises costume and this "CORY COCKOROW.. I MEAN DOCTOROW.. SUCKS MANY DICKS. STOP POSTING ABOUT OTHER HACKS AND SECURITY CONCERNS WHEN YOU LACK THE KNOWLEDGE YOURSELF." I won't post the name of the supposed "genius". Its so nice to see the smart people of the Haxxoring community showing their knowledge in equitable ways."

Comment Absolutely spot on (Score 1) 629

I have to admit I was disappointed with the second Star Wars, and then a disdain took over as the story lines, dialogue, and elements of the movies were more and more dumbed down "for" children. For that reason I never even bothered to pirate/download the phantom menace. I'd been insulted enough times. Well done and more entertaining than the movie you reviewed! Thank you!

Comment Re:Why would a desktop user would run it? (Score 1) 235

Plain and simple... Unix is over 30 yrs old. A rugged, mature, operating system in comparison to the still teenaged Linux. Just the ports system makes BSD eclipse the nightmare of program installation on a Linux box. Yes, you do have lots of nice sand-boxed apps that can install nicely.. but BSD allows you an easy install everything in the Ports dir. I'll take a battle-scarred Unix any day over Linux.

Comment Re:No coop or multiplayer? (Score 1) 452

I have been pondering the lack of coop and multi in the game since buying it, but, I also haven't enjoyed singleplay this much in any other RPG since NWN 1 (which just doesn't hold up in comparison). I do wish I could play this on a social server, but I"m perfectly happy to enjoy the level of writing depth in exchange. Absolutely gorgeous game.

Comment Re:"Outraged Christian bloggers" ? (Score 1) 228

Actually Xtian screamers/shouters are a small minority, but unfortunately they get a lot of press and hence are LOUDER. Along with being hypocritical by denouncing "lies", they're still attempting to control the content of all thought and voice... and should be and easily can be, ignored. Their beliefs are not only the source of most of the pain and death around the world but also the source of the most misleading policies coming out of Congress.

Submission + - A Thank You to BSG

filekutter writes: "I just want to make a little thread for people who wish, to just leave a thank you to the entire crew of people who brought us Battlestar Galactica. Other threads exist for critiquing and breaking down the stories, but I just want to thank them for the best shows I've seen in a very... long time. Thank you"

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