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Comment Re:I call bullshit on Samsungs "QLED" claims (Score 1) 46

I actually owned a TV that was advertised utilizing "Quantum Dots" for more brilliant colors - which meant, of course, some conventional backlight lit those quantum dots, causing them to emit that "more brilliant" colorful light. Where did you get the idea that "quantum dots" are stimulated to emit light by anything other than light shining on them?

Comment I call bullshit on Samsungs "QLED" claims (Score 3, Informative) 46

Samsung lost a huge gamble when they stopped developing OLED TVs, and left the whole lucrative market of high-end-TVs to LG's OLED displays. Now they keep spinning their story that "Quantum Dots" will be soooo much better - no, they won't. "Quantum Dots" can provide more brilliant colored light from a source of less brilliant light, while sacrificing lumens-per-watt in the process. They solve no other problem, especially not the problem that you first need to be able to put 32 million light emitters on a display that can be controlled to emit precisely the amount of light that you want them to emit, at reasonable cost and efficiency. Samsung has no ace up their sleeves, they have no new light emitting technology at hand that could illuminate their "quantum dots" to compete with OLEDs, they just try to make people wait instead of buying OLED TVs today. Disclosure: I own and operate an OLED TV since early 2015, and haven't experienced any "degradation" or changing colors, yet.

Comment Re:Censorship has never improved society (Score 1) 117

It's weird how you connect the current censorship of speech in Germany to experiences in the Weimarer Republik. You should know, that back then, there was a lot of censorship applied to the media by government officials. Much more than today. And look how this did not quite prevent the Nazis to rise.

Comment Re:Brexit (Score 2) 24

Brexit was necessary to allow David Cameron to gamble for a stronger position in his ruling party. He just didn't imagine how many of his people would believe the weird lies of the "Leave" campaign, and was way too confident the Brexit would be turned down, anyway. After all, the EU was the perfect scape goat for UK politicians, who were voting for plan X in the EU comission, but told the people of UK at the same time how evil the EU was to go for plan X. They did that many times, on many topics. And were surprised that this made the Brexit voters an easy prey for the "Leave"-campaign.

Comment Censorship has never improved society (Score 3, Insightful) 117

Germany has more than enough laws already to persecute the authors of threats against others. All this new "hate speech" nonsense it just a disguise to introduce censorship, because that is so much more convenient than actually going after those who author criminal content, and it's especially useful the more vague you define "hate speech" so you can use it against any kind of opposition you do not like.

Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 176

Indeed, asking Accenture consultants to evaluate cost-of-ownership between MicroSoft and a competing product is like asking Alphabet consultants whether to use Google or Bing. Also, there is lots of politics in this: Numerous paid lobbyists are fighting (in the name of "Bitkom", "BSA" and other dubious industry associations) against anything that smells like use of free/open software.

Comment My Note 2 runs on a replaceable battery... (Score 0) 85

... and I am not inclined to replace it by any device without a replaceable battery.

And by the way, of course the replacement batteries I bought are from 3rd-party manufacturers, of which there are very good ones, reliable and not quite as explosive as Samsung originals, yet still less expensive.

Comment Illusion of secure encryption on an insecure OS (Score 4, Insightful) 75

Veracrypt may provide decent cryptographic functionality, but given that its main audience is Windows and Mac users, the two huge security holes they cannot fix are called "MicroSoft" and "Apple". You can make Veracrypt as secure and error-free as you want, as long as it has to expose the decrypted data to some commercial, closed-source operating system that phones home like crazy to provide its manufacturer with valuable data, there is no actual security. Not to mention the backdoors builtin for certain 3-letter-agencies.

Comment Wasn't it the purpose of weddings to publish? (Score 1) 552

I mean: If you don't want people to tell others about your festivity, why bother the efforts and expenses to celebrate a wedding in the first place? Just close the contract before either secular or religious authorities, go to bed early and enjoy your newly church-sanctioned conjugal intercourse.

Comment Re:So, what's Soylent really about? (Score 1) 207

When having a meal/eating is not such a joyful part of your life that you would never want to substitute it with drinking some artificial paste, you are either suffering from a terrible disease, or you should definitely change what/when/how you eat.

Substituting real food with Soylent is like substituting sex with semen extraction under narcosis.

And "working more for more money" is certainly not a good reason to keep yourself away from the most basic pleasures in life - unless your only alternative to that particular work would mean dying from starvation, which I don't believe is your only alternative.

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