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Comment Re:Just what the world needed most urgently... (Score 0) 203

There is no "ultimative programming language". Programming languages are tools, of which there way more than will be realistically maintained until they become stable, mature, and known widely.
If only every 10th person who felt inclined to implement yet another programming language had written something really useful - like some email/calendar client that doesn't suck, or a videoconferencing MCU that works just fine - mankind would be much better off.

Comment Re:Just what the world needed most urgently... (Score 1) 203

You do realize that LISP is one of the older programming languages, around for decades, and apparently, its popularity stagnates on a pretty low plateau?
Dozens of LISP-derivatives have also been invented over the years, and yet not even GPUs or other architectures (that one could think to better fit the LISP way of applying side-effect-free code to lists of things) is written in any of those derivatives at a significant scale.
If you look at newer languages that have become popular in the past 10 years, those are especially primitive ones (like PHP, GLSL or JavaScript), and there is seriously no indication at all that this is going to change.

Comment Re:This won't help solving real world problems (Score 1) 45

The smart people at Google and Lockheed do realize that they can get funding for years of interesting research on all kinds of cool things by telling that "we are almost there with quantum computing", and money spent on under-performing D-Wave hardware is a rather small collateral damage in relation to the whole research funding riding the quantum computer hype, which may well result in useful findings, even if those are not quite the new super-computers that got them funded.

Comment mpv does support user supplied shaders (Score 1) 221

mpv allows the user to supply GLSL scripts using the --opengl-shaders=filename option, and it can save single screenshots to files after those shaders have been applied (Ctrl-S), and mpv is scriptable (in Lua or C), so all you need to do is write a script that single-steps through the video, then writes such a post-processed screenshot to a pipe which you can use as input to "ffmpeg".
But as others already stated: The problem here seems to be the "I won't do it myself, I want others do it for me for free"-mentality.

Comment Re:This won't help solving real world problems (Score 2, Insightful) 45

Because D-Wave managed (via clever marketing) to scare a few organizations with deep pockets into thinking that if they didn't buy D-Wave systems, they could miss that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a miraculous Quantum computer at hand while their competitors/enemies do not.

Comment This won't help solving real world problems (Score 0) 45

... any faster than can be done on conventional computers, today. All this hype around the D-Wave machines should not distract us from the fact that when competing for solving a given problem fastest against conventional computers, using the algorithms best suited for the respective hardware (and not making the conventional computer simulate a D-Wave like machine), the D-Wave machine loses every contest.
Open-sourcing some tools won't change that in any way.

Comment Re:Another silly lawsuit (Score 1) 305

The company you speak of might have had the right hiring concept, but unless someone with first-hand knowledge of the situation at Microsoft tells us, we cannot know how they did. Could be that some snowflake had the job of hiring people for the screening team and thought it would be a great idea to hire the most compassionate people as to favour strict verdicts on the screened material. Wouldn't be the first time those hiring had no experience in the position to fill and no idea of the qualifications required...

Comment Re:I heard about this in South Park (Score 2) 305

People are just very different. I totally believe that some people genuinely "feel what they assume people on the screen feel when the images were recorded", and people who are like that are just not the right people for the job. Just like I wouldn't be the right person for any job done at great heights, since I don't feel comfortable walking on some shaky structure above an abyss.

Comment Re:Browsing through smut could be a great job (Score 1) 305

Of course you cannot "outsource" such a job to 4chan as an organization. It's a totally different thing though to hire inviduals visiting there. Of course, while putting some controls into place that if some employee turns out to classify material way different than his colleages, you have a talk with him or finally fire him when he doesn't follow the given classification criteria.

Comment Browsing through smut could be a great job (Score 1, Interesting) 305

I vividly remember when "rotten.com", "bme.com", "ogrish" and "The Sickest sites on the Internet" index were a new and highly appreciated kind of never known before entertainment. Sure, looking into the abyss of psychopathia every day might get boring after a while, but it still sounds better than 90% of other jobs on this planet. I guess they just hired the wrong kind of people to do that job. They should have advertised those jobs on above mentioned pages, 4chan, or the likes of it.

Comment Re:The only way to make AIs safe.. (Score 3, Interesting) 74

"Self replication and a desire for continued existence are the only thing that might motivate AIs to wipe us out" - not quite!
The most likely reason for an AI to kill you is that its designer/operator/owner/cracker instructed it to do so. And believe me, there are people who want to see you dead, no matter who you are or what you do. Once AIs are capable enough to autonomously control an armed combat robot unit, such units will be build, with the usual reasoning that it's just for our safety and because "it's controlled by us, and we are the good ones". And then one day somebody will decide to have it go against you. Might be even an accident/misunderstanding/prank.

Comment Re:Sounds Cool -- How Do I Disable The "Smart?" (Score 1) 238

Just do not connect your "smart"-TV to any network (wired or wireless). Only connect sources via HDMI or an unidirectional antenna/sattelite signal. This way, it's unable to phone home all the time, as "smart" TVs usually do, and won't tell the TV's manufacturer everything including the color of your underpants.

Comment Re:I want QLED (Score 1) 238

Given that electrically excited quantum dot LEDs (as available only on a very small scale today) also use organic material I wonder why people expect them to be cheaper to produce.
If it was trivial to produce an array of 24 million LEDs cheaply that you can drive precisely enough to get a great picture out of it, this would have been done with anorganic LEDs long since. And Samsung would have done it, earlier.
The point to LG's current market dominance is that they first managed to implement a viable production process for large (O)LED panels, and there is not a single reason why electrically excited QDLEDs should be easier or cheaper to produce.

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