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Comment Re:Soon, no more bookstores. (Score 1) 176

Been many a year since I found any good vinyl at a yard sale, and the shops are more shiny than dusty. Sales of new vinyl records in the US have grown about 500% in the last 5 years. Around 2000, I couldn't find a lot of the new music I wanted on vinyl. Things have changed, I can get pretty much anything I want on vinyl now.

Vinyl vs. cloud is a false dichotomy, most new stuff you buy on vinyl you get access to it in the cloud too. Best of both worlds.

Text-only books I will buy digital. Graphic novels, anything with art or other visual content I will kill some trees for. Best of both worlds. Except for the trees I guess.

There are new record stores opening up all over the place, there are independent book sellers that are having record years, there are video rental chains that are opening new stores. You've gotta be quick and you've gotta be smart to stay in business but that's the same as it ever was.

Comment Re:Java's problem isn't verbosity (Score 1) 577

Haha POJOs.

I love that typical developers using Java, an object-oriented language, got so far down the over-engineering path that they had to make an acronym for those obscure corner cases where you might want to just object.

Although it's true that the Java development community does seem to be header in a much nicer direction lately.

Comment Re:Would probably be found (Score 5, Informative) 576

You are doing something illegal - everyone is. You may not even know what you are doing that is illegal, but if the NSA knows everything you do, they know what you are doing that is illegal.

They aren't going to do anything about it until you do some thing that is legal that they don't want you to do.

If you run for office, they own you.

Comment Re:At you desk! (Score 1) 524

There are jobs where face time is important - there is a lot of knowledge sharing that happens informally just by being in the same office. For those type of jobs, you tell the remote workers either start coming in to the office or find another job.

There are jobs were face time isn't important. For those type of jobs, you fire the US remote workers and hire someone in India, if being able to sort of speak English is important, or some other even more hellish Asian country if it isn't.

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