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Comment Re:Boo ****ing hoo (Score 1) 260

First of all, the law they're fighting is an anti-competitive, anti-consumer law. It's there to protect existing businesses from new competition, and it brings greater cost to the consumer. Second, the law was put in place specifically to prevent Tesla from coming into the car sales market in Michigan. It's not that it's been sitting on the books and now all of a sudden that maniac Elon Musk wants to do away with it for the evil purpose of selling cars without the added cost of a middleman; Michigan enacted the law at the behest of existing car dealers when they learned that Tesla was interested in opening up shop.

Comment Re:If only they provided updates.... (Score 1) 116

One of the reasons I left Verizon was their OS update policies. I had waited forever for my Storm and later my Droid 2 to get updated, so when I next bought a new phone I went with a Nexus, which the sales guy assured me would get OS updates early without having to wait for Verizon's lengthy OS review process (with the Storm it was so bad that new updates were being released by Blackberry before Verizon was done reviewing earlier ones, with them responding by ditching the earlier update they were reviewing and moving on to review the new one). So Google announced Jelly Bean and was still waiting for the update. I made multiple calls to Verizon asking when I would see Jelly Bean on my Nexus, each call resulted in a different answer, all of them handwaving.

Finally I complain that I only bought the Nexus because I was assured that I wouldn't have to wait for the Verizon review process.

"Oh no, sir, you still have to wait. It's just that Nexus users will get the update first."

"First? What do you mean first? If everyone still has to wait for the review process regardless of what phone they have then everyone will get the update at the same time".

"No. Nexus users will get the update right after the OS update is certified, then after two weeks we'll release it to other phones."

That's just wrong,

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