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Comment Re:Somewhat obviously political (Score 1) 133

Obama has consistently acted as if hacking a private company is worse than hacking the government. This attitude predates him.

Hacked the pentagon and stole technical data on a top secret weapon system? Meh, that's just what governments do. Hacked into Apple and leaked the release date for the next iPhone? Cyberterrorism!

Comment Re:Why aren't we already using bone made bones? (Score 1) 102

The claim was that there are countries that "ban or restrict", and the request was for a list of that "banned or restricted". These countries restrict research.

from the fine wikipedia article "India banned in 2004 reproductive cloning, permitted therapeutic cloning."

And did you notice that I didn't include India? If you want to criticize the list that I provided then look only at the countries in my list. I specifically tailored it to not include countries that only restricts or bans cloning. This is why I gave the list to begin with instead of just linking to the Wikipedia site, something that took me less than two minutes to find so I don't know why you couldn't look up the list yourself in the first place.

Seriously, so many people are quick to demand "citation, plz" for easy to find information about well-known facts that it dilutes the calls for evidence of the claims of absolute quacks.

Comment Re:Perhaps.... (Score 1) 372

Within a short time, non-violent creatures became dominant over intentionally or accidentally violent ones by a ratio of more than 100:1.

Were you able to track the ratio of intentionally violent to accidentally violent ones?

Comment Re:If they hadn't brought their drone (Score 1) 1127

What protects a plane flying over your property from physical threat from you is not that there are living people on board, but airspace rules. Your property does not extend indefinitely into the sky. At a certain altitude it becomes public property. This is why planes are able to fly over your property without an easement, and it's why governments are able to regulate building heights.

As long as this drone was within this space, it was not trespassing. Of course, if it was high enough to be in controlled airspace then it would have legal problems.

Bottom line is regardless of whether or not it's legal for the drone to be where it was, the hunters had no right to shoot it. Let's say that you and I are in some sort of neighbors' over what you're doing on your property (we'll say what you're doing is legal, but it causes a nuisance to me), so I sneak on over with a camera to photograph how bad it is. I've broken the law by trespassing. If you catch me, this does not give you the right to destroy my camera. You call the cops and they give me a citation; destroying my property would give me just as much right to call the cops as you have.

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