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Comment Re:Subjective prison of his own making (Score 1) 219

Facebook and Twitter had replaced blogging

WTF? He goes on:

The problem with today's Internet, driven less by text and hypertext (hyperlink-enriched text)

Again: WTF?

I think you missed the point here: this tools still exists, but are used in a very diferent way (ask you grandpa [that uses facebook regulary] what is an "hyperlink"....)
* by including Twitter in the so called "death of hiperlinks", maybe him referenced the "URL shortening hell" ( [or any other service used] -> -> real URL)

Comment Re:Social Media Is Killing Discourse (Score 1) 219

It should be noted that this isn't unique to social media - my father isn't on social media and surrounds himself with "news" from Fox, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. He doesn't listen to CNN, MSNBC, etc at all - even in an effort to see how different stations spin the same news. He's in a bubble and refuses to listen to anything that originates outside of his bubble.

exactly! I've seem something like it with some older people (mom, dad, uncles and friends)

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