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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 238

If you mind reading the paper, or checking the slides, they say that "according to Internet Watch Foundation Blacklist, only 5% of their entries is based on pure domain or subdomain"... Now how to impose parental control of

Submission + - The cost of HTTPS

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers from CMU, Telefonica, and Politecnico di Torino have presented a paper at ACM CoNEXT that quantifies the cost of the “S” in HTTPS. The study shows that today major players are embracing end-to-end encryption, so that about 50% of web traffic is carried by HTTPS. This is a nice testament to the feasibility of having a fully encrypted web.
The paper pinpoints also the cost of encryption, that manifests itself through increases in the page loading time that go above 50%, and possible increase in battery usage.
However, the major loss due to the “S” is the inability to offer any in-network value added services, that are offered by middle-boxes, such as caching, proxying, firewalling, parental control, etc.
Are we ready to accept it?
Presentation can be downloaded from here

Submission + - Cloud Storage Comparison

fasuin writes: Which is the most advanced cloud storage solution? Which is the impact of server locations? What are the benefits of advanced techniques to optimise data transfers? Researchers from Italy and The Netherlands have come out with a set of benchmarks that allowed them to compare Dropbox, CloudDrive, SkyDrive and GoogleDrive. Which is the best? You can check it by yourself by running the tests on your own if you like.

Comment STOP measuring jitter, packet loss, upload speed! (Score -1, Troll) 47

How the hell we are still "measuring" throughput, packet loss and RTT in 2011???? My wife want to know if she can "WATCH YOUTUBE" , "SEND A PICTURE VIA EMAIL", "PLAY HER FAVORITE SHOW ON TV". It's like the PC. People don't care about how many GHz, GB, Mcolors the box has. They care about what they can do... It's like for cars: who's interested in checking the engine, knowing which brakes and knowing the maximum speed... It's really time to get rid of this sticky measures...

Burning Man Responds To EFF's Criticism of Policy 210

Briden writes "Earlier this week, we discussed the EFF's criticism of the Burning Man Photo Policy. Burning Man has now responded at length on their own blog. Here's an excerpt: 'In fact, there are but two essential reasons we maintain these increased controls on behalf of our community: to protect our participants so that images that violate their privacy are not displayed, and to prevent companies from using Burning Man to sell products. We don't remove images from pages just because they criticize us (I've never been involved in taking down an image from an editorial blog criticizing Burning Man, and it's certainly not because there haven't been any!). We're also not at all interested [in] preventing participants from sharing their personal imagery or impressions of the event on third party sharing sites in a noncommercial manner, so long as they observe the concerns about privacy and commercialism. We're delighted to see people sharing videos, stories, and pictures on our official Facebook page, and we know that it, along with Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are representative of the way many of us share personal imagery in the digital age.'"

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