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Comment Not just 16x9 please (Score 3, Interesting) 66

If they're building panels for monitors, and they only produce them in 16x9, then my money is looking for a competitor that produces 16x10, or even 4x3 or 3x2 panels.

My money, my decision.

If my money remains unspent, so be it - I'll stick with what I already have, until it finally stops working.

Comment I write "apps" mostly (Score 1) 218

The trick is knowing which platform operations take long.

Newbies never consider it. They even add libraries so their code is small but they pretty much never seem to consider what code their function(a) call causes to run that they didn't write.

it pretty much doesn't matter how tight I make my loops anymore or what calculations I use in my logic, except when sorting large lists or what have you. It's more about what kind of layout runs scrolling and such causes "invisibly" most of the time, how the layout is laid out and such.

Comment Re:I'be been a Mac user for 13+ years (Score 1) 254

4.5h sounds about right if the computer is doing something.

19.5 hours sounds about right if it somehow got disconnected from the net and all the pieces pinging the internet stopped to run magically, keeping the load low and also the performance setting was set to low.

and look at the wording "OPERATE". that doesn't mean doing anything... and if it's the day that it wants to download updates over wifi sure as f it's not going to have 10h+.

problem with apple testing their own hw is of course that they can make it run a "normal use scenario" that is not normal at all if you have anything installed or if any preinstalled stuff from store wants to update itself.

Comment Re:So Twitter is now actively doxing people? (Score 1) 492

giving it to out someone else than police investigating it would be the same as doxxing.

it's a really bad precedent. since it wasn't the police asking it. you're mixing up a legal request with a letter from a lawyer basically or rather a legal request with a legal _REQUIREMENT_.

furthermore if sending flashy pictures on the internet is now illegal, can we sue everyone using blink tag and advertising their page in some way?

Comment Re:Meh. (Score -1) 118

well the joke is that since it was intentionally given to be stolen(or "found") and then spied on the people, he was actually breaking all privacy laws you could think of.

it wasn't a "decoy", it was just a phone with spying software that he left to be found.

stupid article really. though I have to wonder how many creeps do this on purpose - to just creep.

Comment Re:It seems like an exaggerated story (Score 2, Interesting) 551

Well you have to remember that Trumps campaign never gave a fuck about whats real since to them it was just a competition and now that the competition has been won it doesn't matter how they did it or what they did about it.

Why not a pizzagate emoji showing hillary selling children in a pizza place? really the whole campaign just shows how little either sides gives a fuck, how gullible americans are and how little republicans even care, some going on record to say that it doesn't matter how they won or if they used fake news. this doesn't really bode that well for the next election if the stage is set for the campaigns to just spew whatever shit they want.

is Trump going to put Hillary in prison? of course not. that was just a "joke" or whatever to win the thing.

and come on, trump is sucking musks dick as well - despite musk being a prime beneficiary of strict direct car co2 taxes (without them the teslas would be unfeasible for their target market as they would be comparably same price as a ferrari).

Comment only affects lucrativiness of resale of oil stocks (Score 1) 263

only affects lucrativiness of resale of oil stocks.

it doesn't affect how profitable it is to sell oil. in fact, if you sell off your oil investments at below market prices you are making oil pumping more profitable for everyone else who is doing it.

you know what divesting means? it means SELLING UNDER MARKET PRICE. it's stupid. it's mega stupid. especially when you are divesting from massively profitable global companies!

Comment this makes it more profitable to actually pump (Score 1) 263

this makes it more profitable to actually pump gas out of the earth as it makes it cheaper to do so as they will need to pay outside investors less.

what it makes less profitable is selling investments in oil. THAT IS NOT THE SAME THING as oil being less profitable! quite on the contrary! less competing investment means more profits for those that do invest and more profits from more pumping.

it really is like giving money to whoever keeps pumping.

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