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Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 259

I agree that graphics are already good enough for most people.

Maybe you haven't heard, but there's this little thing called VR that all the kids are talking about.

VR is the latest thing in consoles, and it absolutely DOES need a lot of HP, and realism is very important. I think it's past the point where we need to question whether it will be a thing or not. It will. And releasing a console that isn't VR-ready is going to be a real tough sell when the other two Big Boys are building their platforms around the concept. Whether it's going to be a thing or not, it's what every consumer is going to be thinking about for the next 6 months.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 259

Quite right. That's why I made a point of calling out concerns other than graphics regarding horsepower, since I agree that graphics are already good enough for most people.

Agreed. The graphics on the hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads already in peoples hands are good enough as well. That's the problem. Hardware-wise, this is going to be on par with an i-device. So Nintendo is again playing the game of selling us last-gen hardware in hopes that their software catalog is going to buoy their sales.

Their software catalog counts for a lot, but when it comes to consoles, it's a spec war. Just look at what's going on w/ Xbox and PS.

Comment Re:#madebygoogle (Score 1) 197

It's not made by Google, it's made by HTC. And they just rejiggered the HTC 10. []

It's designed by Google and manufactured by HTC. Just because it looks sort of similar to another HTC phones means nothing. The specs are different. The internals are different. It shares about as much w/ the HTC 10 as it does with any recent generation smart phone.

Comment Re:End of AOSP? (Score 1) 197

I thought the whole point of the nexus devices was that they were reasonably priced (at first at least). Clearly, it's not the case any more (some could say it hasn't been for at least a year).

Nexus is dead. It existed to show manufacturers how to sell good-enough phones for cheap. That's now a solved problem. There are dozens of manufacturers building good, cheap Android phones.

Now the other side of problem. Manufacturers can't figure out how to compete on the high-end with the likes of Apple. Enter Pixel, a premium smart phone with a metal, glass body up to 128GB flash, high end processor and screen, eye popping design, and an industry leading camera. It also has 2 years free customer support (think: AppleCare). And the price tag to go along with all of that.

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