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Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 157

If you don't already own a PC, with what device are you posting comments to Slashdot? Or do most people use only a laptop, smartphone, or tablet computer?

I'm really confused if you are asking me a rhetorical question. Yes? Most people do use a laptop. And there are also people that use tablets, and have desktops that don't run Windows, and people that have desktops that have other bottlenecks that make them incapable of running games at 1080p60.

I mean, what are you saying? Any computer that can post to /. is capable, with a few hundred dollar upgrade, of running current gen AAA titles?

Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 157

How so? If you already have a desktop PC with a competent CPU and 8 GB of RAM or more, adding a $200 GPU will let you play essentially all games on settings equivalent to those on the consoles.

That's a good point. Did you also know that a 8-bedroom mansion is cheaper than a travel trailer? Yeah, because if you already own the mansion, you only have to buy a koi pond for the back yard, around $2,000 The travel trailer will cost $40,000, around 20x more expensive!

Comment Re:How much? $$$$$ (Score 1) 246

Likely not a whole lot. Couple days of a dev's salary to find and fix the problem.

Likely a lot, which is why they went out of their way to work with CR and find the root cause. Like them or not, CR has a pretty large user base. And those non-techie type of users are exactly where Apple targets their products.

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