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Comment Re:About stealing (Score 1) 174

I know it's fun (and easy) to bash Trump, but he does pay taxes.

1. We don't know that, and you don't know that. He refused to release his returns.

2. We do know that he publicly _claimed_ to not pay taxes, and that made him, by his own words, "smart". Whether or not he actually does pay taxes, he's an insensitive, tactless clod to those of us that do pay taxes.

Comment Re:"Taxes applied to worldwide earnings" (Score 1) 174

My distrust in others makes me want to think that Ireland (or factions in it anyway) knew or hoped this would happen all along figuring if they can lure Apple into bringing in all their money and then let the EU be the bad guy and make Apple give Ireland the money.

Common sense would lead me to believe that Apple knew exactly what risks it was taking, and had much, MUCH better legal advice than did Ireland.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 36

Third, going through the motions can be a means to determine if one really wants to watch something, or if one is just doing it as the path of least resistance. Personally I feel I watch too much TV and spend too much time on the Internet already, without having a streaming service and without having cable or other pay-TV. It makes it a lot easier to actually go do something else besides vegetate on the couch if I find myself not able to make a choice for what to watch.

So your logic is you deny yourself of the obviously better streaming service because it's "too good" and would compel you to use it? I would suggest you apply that thinking to other aspects of your life and see how it goes. E.g., wife too good looking? Trade down to an uglier wife, because after all, you'll be less apt to waste time pursuing sex with her all the time.

Comment Re: making thinner and more apple only service tak (Score 1) 86

And that's why you care about pros. Because they drag in non-pros with them.

Sort of like how iPads started out as the platform for pros, then become popular w/ the masses ... oh wait.

That theory's great, as long as you look at only one of Apple's successful products. But I'm guessing you are going to tell me that the entirety of Apple's hundred billion dollar success is down to developers choosing OSX.

Comment Re:Irreverent vs. Inappropriate (Score 1) 363

I believe in free speech, so I suppose to some extent that makes me a hypocrite

No it doesn't. It's the difference between not choosing to associate with that person (in business, or whatever), which is of course your right, and denying them the right to speak freely. He hasn't been denied free speech. He can still make YT videos or take his content somewhere else. He can even spend billions of dollars of his own money to build his own video distribution platform akin to Youtube.

Let's not get all upset about this. An idiot made a load of cash for being an idiot. He still has that cash. Lucky him.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

And I'm sure your property value and property taxes reflect your access to services. If they don't, then you overpaid for your home. I live in literally the most expensive home market in the US and have the taxes to go with it. I have reasonable access to broadband and wireless. You want to switch?

This isn't rocket science. It's why homes in urban areas cost more, and why the property taxes in urban areas higher. You are paying for the infrastructure offered by the urban area. And yeah I know this isn't the only factory in home costs and taxes, but it's a big factor.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

You know... like farming. Those are the 1% that feed the rest of the 99%. I think we can reach some reasonable compromise that ensures reasonable free market competition while still ensuring our farmers and ranchers

And you know? With the property taxes I pay for my urban home, you'd think that the farmers and ranchers could set aside some of their land for me to hike and fish and swim and ride motorbikes on, huh?

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