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Comment Re: Wi-Fi Roaming? (Score 1) 50

Yes I don't claim to be an expert, only anecdotal evidence.

I know that if I config my phone to use the "xfinitywifi" access points, it really messes things up. When I'm driving, it will "roam" onto these resulting in me having really poor or no connectivity. Whatever Google is doing, it doesn't seem like Comcast has it yet.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

Someone with more experience with the family court system than you.

Do you see anything at all wrong with assuming you know more than every stranger you run across on the internet? Maybe, just maybe it's what makes you so abrasive.

Also, since you seem quite slow: A legal guardian taking their child back isn't kidnapping.

Easy big fella, I never said that. You are are hyped up from your own reading between the lines. The only thing I said was 1) taking a child for which you do not have custody is kidnapping (duh much?) and 2) having a felony kidnapping charge will complicate your life, including future efforts to gain custody of the minor you previously kidnapped.

Go on, I dare you.

Nah. I see your comments on almost every article. You're a troll. You are boring me now, bye.

Comment Re:BCH psch = T4 program (Score 1) 294

What's more likely?

Ok. What's not likely is not one but a group of people that are accomplished enough to achieve medical PhDs and attain posts at BCH would lock a child in a room and almost kill her to make $1,000 / a day, not for themselves, but for the hospital they work for and at the same time ruining their careers and open themselves up to criminal prosecution.

Like almost everything, the truth is somewhere in the middle. There probably was some neglect or mistreatment by the parents. One or more of the Drs probably did overstep their bounds. We like to see things black or white, good and evil, but that's almost never the case.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

You can't kidnap your own child.

If by "own child" you mean the child for which you have sole legal custody, then yes you are right. If you meant the child you provided either the sperm or egg to create, then you are most certainly wrong. Most kidnappings are perpetrated by parents without (sole) legal custody.

Did the parents still have sole legal custody?

Comment Wi-Fi Roaming? (Score 1) 50

This whole notion of offloading cell traffic onto Wi-Fi is flawed.

Wi-Fi wasn't made for roaming. That explains why when you are sitting in your car outside your work your phone happily remains connected to work's Wi-Fi router but you get zero throughput. Wi-Fi also cannot do seamless handoff between routers the way mobile data can.

Regardless, I never connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. Their throughput is either swamped by other users or throttled by QoS. Either way, the only reason to connect to Wi-Fi is for high-bandwidth operations. If it can't handle that there's no point. Not to mention the latency is always awful compared to my mobile data connection.

Comment Re:And what changes if you don't buy or complain? (Score 1) 395

NOTHING. YOU HAVE TO COMPLAIN. Otherwise all they know is their sales have dropped. ABSOLUTLEY NO IDEA WHY.

I didn't say don't complain, I said you have to ALSO not buy. Complain all you want as long as you actually take some action.

Are you really so naive that multi-billion dollar corporations don't survey their users? You think they are just going to sit in their board room "Duh! I see sales go down! Uh oh!".

Comment Re:How to Argue About Doping in Sport (Score 1) 97

Yep, sounds like you got a few wedgies from the jocks when you were younger. Well, so did I. However, my son plays soccer and it makes a big difference in his life. Professional sports is one thing, but the vast majority of athletes struggle in silence without TV coverage or fans, with almost no wanking at all. Almost all Olympic athletes fall into that category.

Comment Re:No, they didn't. $15 Android phone vs $650 (Score 1) 395

If they can't make money on the sale, why does that mean customers must give up their privacy unwittingly?

It doesn't. DON'T BUY THE PHONE.

It's not that they can't, but that's not their business model. You don't get to define their business model. You get to not buy their product if you don't like it. Buy a phone that meets your criteria. You may get less phone. It may cost you more money. But I'm sure your privacy means more to you than those things right?

Comment Re:No, they didn't. $15 Android phone vs $650 (Score 1) 395

You mean from the Google Store? Google doesn't make hardware (well, I heard they made the Pixel C). The contract companies like HTC, LG, and Samsung to make phones that are Google branded. They supply the software. The profits from the sale go to the hardware company, not Google.

Regardless, Nexus devices are priced for slim margins to begin with and never sell at quantities that would get them economies of scale. You think they make bank by selling Nexus phones devices for hundreds less than Samsung, HTC, and Apple?

Comment Re: Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

Whining works.

Oh absolutely. I hear that Google's board regularly reads /. and alters the direction of the company based on the comments here.

Bitch long enough that sales drop and they'll fix what you don't like or another company will.

This isn't your mom we're talking about here. Unlike her, corporations don't give a shit what you think. They care about what you buy. If you keep buying shit, no problem. They aren't people. You can't hurt their feelings or shame them or make them feel bad.

That's capitalism which I know you love.

Well, I know capitalism. You, not so much.

The ONLY reason corporations exist is to make money. Google is a multi billion dollar company from advertising dollars. Are you really so naive as to think that if you whine enough, they are going to forgo those profits? They will act to maximize profits. If pummeling you with ads gets them there, that's what they will do. The only way you are going to influence them is to reward the behavior you prefer, and the only way to do that is to buy, or not buy their products and services.

Comment Re:the latest excuse for poor security (Score 1) 97

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