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Comment Re:It's the other way around doofus (Score 1) 497

A bunch of wealthy and powerful men decided the country was going to hate Hilary Clinton and it did. We all did exactly as planned. My God, we're a bunch of shleps...

Perhaps the more accurate phrase you're looking for is sheeple.

(Noting that things don't often turn out well for the sheep...)

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 209

Wouldn't that keep the phone from sending audio out the built-in speakers? Only sounds useful if you're also using bluetooth to send it to a receiver...that might also have FM built-in.

I noted in an earlier post that, at least, the NextRadio app can output to the phone speaker instead of the headphone, so that antenna should work okay like that, though the speaker output obviously isn't stereo.

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 209

My smartphone has an FM radio app in it (as have all my previous ones), but I am unlikely to use it.

It requires the use of wired earphones because the wire acts as the FM radio antenna.

Not sure about all apps, but the NextRadio app can play through the speaker while using the headphone wires for the antenna. In addition, it doesn't have to be headphones. I use it to output the radio on my phone to my PC speakers through the PC audio-in jack while at work where streaming isn't allowed.

Comment Re: lets look to the past (Score 2) 340

But it isn't conservatives that decided to edit Huckleberry Finn.

They'd probably just burn it. Much easier than all that reading and writing stuff that would be needed to edit it.

As for silencing people, didn't Steve Bannon just tell the press to "keep its mouth shut"?

More to the point, your arguments are incomplete. Both sides are guilty wanting "safe spaces" because the other side is (at least a little) intolerant and is trying to silence the other side. Trump voters want safe spaces on college campus 'cause Liberals are "mean to them", and Liberals want them to avoid hateful, racist, homophobic speech and other things they don't want to hear -- of course, College is the place one is supposed to be exposed to things that challenge and foster independent thought.

Lastly, Liberals would rather Conservative stop calling them "snowflakes" for expressing their concerns because, seriously, if *anyone* is a snowflake, it's Trump himself and those around him.

Comment Re: lets look to the past (Score 1) 340

"Political Correctness" is believing "Coloured People" is racist, but "People of Colour" is respectful.

That comparison seems more about "disrespectful" vs. "respectful. Certainly one can be "racist" *and* "respectful". For example, our new Attorney General of the United States, Senator Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III (and many other Senators) seem pretty respectful - most of the time.

Comment Re:Java sucks (Score 1) 155

Java today is a pointless language used only because other people are using it. There are so many better options that choosing java for a project today should be a fireable offence. Pick anything, C, Rust, Go, C#, ANYTHING. It will be better than Java.

"Better" is subjective and in many cases even objective. Even the language examples you gave aren't universally "better" subjectively or objectively than Java. - and certainly not "anything". It all depends on your resources, needs and priorities.

Comment Re:Coffee (Score 3, Insightful) 228

And for those of us without your patience, watching the junior guys struggle is so painful. I know, I know. They need to learn but can't they learn a little faster? Please.

I always tell more junior people that they need to *some* research when they have a problem, but that this is work not school and if they can't find a solution in a reasonable amount of time (15-30 min), they need to ask someone for assistance. I'll either help point the way, explain and/or provide an example. In addition, I don't mind getting 50 questions, but they need to be 50 *different* questions.

Things to remember: (a) Time is valuable, but my time is more valuable than yours :-) (b) Patience is not an unlimited resource.

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