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Comment Looking at the wrong branch of physics to trash (Score 4, Interesting) 387

The article mentions hidden dimensions and other universes in the same sentence. This is a pet peeve of mine. In Multi-dimensional quantum mechanics the dimensions are additional directions. They are not other universes and the combination of the two in one sentence is either intentinally muddying the water, or the person writing the article is not familiar with the mathematics involved and should not be taken seriously. The standard Cartesian coordinate system used to describe our universe in it's basic sense contains x.y, and z, directions, a set of values that many of the programmers on Slashdot are familiar with. Multi-dimensional physics just adds more of these in an attempt to explain the very real observable quantum effects that Newtonian physics and relativity cannot explain and never will. We currently know more about the Andromeda galaxy than the Milky Way because it is difficult to describe an object when you are inside it. Getting a third person look at the universe, even if it is just a mathematical trick, is probably the easiest way to describe it. The refusal to do so is probably not going to go very far. What the emergence of time means is also not what they are describing it to be and should not be looked upon as a valid argument. In a holographic quantum view of the universe it could be considered similar to a wave propagating through a substrate, but also be akin to a temporary chemical reaction wave, where the structure of the substrate is momentarily changed while the wave propagates through. This temporary excitation of the substrate generates the universe we live in. The movement of the universe's propagation is in the direction of time. My take on the hidden dimensions is that instead of viewing them as hidden, we should look at them as directions in which the particles we are made of have a zero width. The reason we cannot travel in time is not because the directions don't exist, it's because the particles we are made of have a zero width in that direction. We would have to be made of something else, and when we went backwards in time we would effect leave our current universe. Other particles, such as the elemental particle of gravity have a non-zero width in one of these direction. What we should really be talking about is the fact that relativity CANNOT describe the orbital trajectories of any stars accurately. The lack of a theory to accurately explain a basic observable fact is more problematic than the inability of technology to currently test the most advanced physics problems. Once our ability to manipulate quantum effects (such as the creation of a working quantum super computer - looking at you google) and we can create technology that is based on quantum mechanics then maybe we will be able to test the theories. Second failure of current theory that I don't think is spoken of enough is the failure of the planck observatory to detect the effects of gravitational waves on the cosmic microwave background. There were several stories about the waves being detected but second looks at the data supporting this cast serious doubt. Since we have now confirmed the existence of gravitational waves and their effects have not been observed as inflation predicts, then the current theory of the big bang they reference at the beginning of the article (we can describe the universe up to a bit before it's creation) is in fact not supported by current experiments and should be rethought. Instead of taking a step back from quantum mechanics we need to take a second look at the non quantum component of physics as it is currently not supported by current data.

Zero-Rating Harms Poor People, Public Interest Groups Tell FCC ( 205

An anonymous reader links to an article on Motherboard: The nation's largest internet service providers are undermining US open internet rules, threatening free speech, and disproportionately harming poor people by using a controversial industry practice called "zero-rating," a coalition of public interest groups wrote in a letter to federal regulators on Monday. Companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T use zero-rating, which refers to a variety of practices that exempt certain services from monthly data caps, to undercut "the spirit and the text" of federal rules designed to protect net neutrality, the principle that all content on the internet should be equally accessible, the groups wrote. Zero-rated plans "distort competition, thwart innovation, threaten free speech, and restrict consumer choice -- all harms the rules were meant to prevent," the groups wrote. "These harms tend to fall disproportionately on low-income communities and communities of color, who tend to rely on mobile networks as their primary or exclusive means of access to the internet."

Comment Just a matter of time (Score 2) 364

Joseph Silk has no room to talk on this issue. We just spent 700 million dollars to find the gravity waves that would exist if his model of cosmic inflation actually happened. (planck mission) The evidence for gravity waves was proven not to exist. His theory has actually been proven wrong. Has he changed his theory? I doubt it. Instead he is walking around complaining about mathematicians exploring complex theories that will be testable at some time in the future. What a maroon.

Comment FTFY (Score 1) 53

From my memory: 486 sx 33 mhz 486 dx 66 mhz (prime doom machine) 486 dx2 - 80 mhz, There may have been a few overclocked to a whopping 100 MHz I have a vague recollection of the dx2 having some processor cache memory management advantages as well but not sure

Comment Re:Training set... (Score 5, Insightful) 62

Although I agree that the extra 100-200 years has been over emphasized I disagree with your general premise. These type of astronomical occurrences are easily predicted (past / future) by ancient mathematicians and were easily predictable at the time by civilizations worldwide from mesoamerica to china for the probable dates presented for the creation for the mechanism. The knowledge of astronomy, planetary and motion were pretty much common knowledge at 200 bc. This makes the 'revelations' of galileo rather comical in retrospect. What is remarkable about this mechanism is the degree of precision of its mechanical design which was unsurpassed at the time (as far as we know). The complexity of this device to accurately predict astronomical phenomena for centuries, mechanically, at the date of its creation belittles the acheivements of the renaissance and calls into question the belief that rome contributed significantly to mediterranean civilization.

Comment reddit / google analytics (Score 1) 136

I'm pretty sure reddit probably through google analytics may have started doing this around eighteen months ago. I tested trolling them with sock puppets and they could identify my house through tor but could not differentiate between individual computers in the house. So pretty much anybody that uses google analytics probably has this capability.

Comment Re:Today's "Natives" eliminated the Clovis culture (Score 1, Troll) 57

Since 90 percent of native americans were wiped out by european diseases this basically says that 80 percent of the original population of the americas was not resistant to euroasiatic diseases. There is a marked non-scientific warpath to discredit the solutrean hypothesis. The extremes to which modern historians go to discredit the solutrean hypothesis actually reduce the entire discipline to a pseudoscience. Please realize that there was most likely a constant low level genetic drift between the continents for the past 40 thousand years. I am fairly confident that the bronze age atlantic civilization was in sporadic contact with the new world. The massive push for colonization of the new world / pursuit of new paths of commerce to asia brought about by the fall of constantinople and monopolization of the east west trade coupled with the resurgence of written history in europe in no way sheds doubt on the ability of ancient mariners to traverse the globe.

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