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Comment DOD has banned Forbes (Score 1) 194

Department of Defense has sent a memo around banning this magazine from intallations for this very reason. Violates ALL kinds of TEMPEST requirements for secure spaces. As an Information Assurance guy I am used to making people take their cell phones back to their car and checking over their laptops. The idea I have to now check their reading material makes me facepalm.

Comment portability (Score 1, Interesting) 398

If I had a beef with bitcoin is its lack of portability. Now I know many of us a technical bent and in your head you went "what do you mean crazy man?!? I can use it on linux or windows or android! " well you don't understand the larger meta portability I am talking about.

I cannot put a dozen bitcoins into my pocket, hike into some remote area and trade them to the locals for goods and services. I cannot physically move a bitcoin and control who has access to it. I look at things like the bank seizures being done in cypress and wonder, what would I do if my bit coin account was seized by a goverment or entity and I needed to get my funds out. They can claw them back from anywhere even if I move them. With a physical currency I can pull my cash and walk it across a border, or if the currency is not fiat, bury it like pirate treasue and then dig it up later.

There is a reason people go looking for pirate treasure, and are excited with the gold and silver currency in it, no matter what goverment issues it. No one would be excited to find a chest of Zimbobwian paper dollars, no matter the size of the chest. Bitcoins inability to created into a form that I can break the traceable ties from disinterestes me in its acquasition. I cannot walk it to somewhere safe, I cannot hide it in my mattress, I cannot get it past goverment regulation of the internet (what happens if your country blocks access to bitcoin wallets and servers). Bitcoin is the ultimate seizable currency and I want nothing to do with that.

Comment Time to ask some hard questions (Score 5, Interesting) 53

Its time we started to grill our malware detecors and virus scan makers because somethnig is going very very wrong. This makes the third or fourth MAJOR espionage virus/malware/trojan of a very large size that has been apparently rampaging for years. How can I now trust symantic to find a zero day and protect my systems when they have been unable to find things like red october and flame for years, and they are huge programs!

I am not a big conspiracy theorist, but something is going on here. Why aren't these things being spotted and reported?

Comment proper term (Score 1) 79

I beleive this is a brushfire, not a bushfire. Bush is the singular, brush is the pural ( Brush - a dense growth of bushes, shrubs). Now I could be wrong, this could have been a REALLY big bush, but otherwise it is brushfire.

Side note : A bushfire is more commonly known as a STD (sexually transmitted disease)

Comment hidden message (Score 1) 675

according to Julie Larson-Green, the Microsoft executive who leads Windows product development also showed she enjoys getting a paycheck and is willing to skew any set of numbers as she is told to. Early adoption of her pay check as an executive has led to a quick adaption of weasling positions and stats to make the higher ups, and HR, happy. She expects, as an early adopter of her pay, that future trends will encourage more of this same behavior leading to hoped for increase in pay adoption.

Comment Re:Civil Disobedience Idea (Score 1) 186

You know, if one person, just one person does it they may think he's a 'bro and they'll just taze him. And if two people, two people do it - in harmony - they may think they're both faggots and they won't take either of them anywhere except Chick-Fil-A. And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking through the scanner singing a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out? They may think it's an organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said fifty people a day walking in singing a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out. And friends they may think it's a movement.

No they will call it a terrorist orginization, place everyone on the no fly list, disapear to gautanomo anyone who complains and hit anyone who collects any money with, at a minimum, a RICO.

See you got it wrong, the more people the TSA bans and sends away the less dirty underwear they have to touch, so its a win for them. If all they had to do was just make sure NO ONE flew they would be much happier. TSA are the ahmish of the security world.

Comment Contractor wear (Score 5, Informative) 432

In the computer contracting field, which tends to be semi-profesional dress, what you are shooting for is bussines casual Slacks, black shoes, button up shirt (short or long sleeve) with no patterns on it.

Remember two things, you should not be climbing under things anymore. Directors direct others to do this work. Secondly you are now going to have to play interdepartment politics. this means you are going to have to make sure people take you seriously. this, unfortunatly for humans, means a dominance display in the form of your clothing. You are not going to win a budget fight and be taken seriously wearing clown shoes no matter how correct your argument is.

So accept that in your new world clothes still donates status and ability. You need to adapt because you are not going to change the course of human evolution overnight.

Comment Quick way to Tuff Guy Status (Score 3, Interesting) 289

Quickest way to tuff guy status? take Credit for someone else work. Guy drops dead all of a suddent take credit for his death, even if you had nothing to do with it. The US and Isreal are riding this wave that now everytime something in the cyber world drops dead its because they did it, no matter what happens, even if they are just as suprised as everyone else. This plays well into the Iranians need to blame their inability to produce anything in their nuclear program on someone else. We would have had a Bomb if it was not for those medling kids!

I can say without a doubt that their is no Goverment Service worker that could have produced Stuxnet or Flame. I doubt it was a US contractor. They would have worked on it for sure, but they would have never delivered a final product and had that gravy train dry up.

I have a strong feeling that all this "accidental" leaking is just a way to take credit without actually claiming you took credit.

So when the iranians claim another attack I take it with a grain of salt. To many people have to much at stake claiming that something happend. Having something actually happen is besides the point.

Comment Job Movement (Score 2) 1201

I remember in the 80's when I joined the job market having moved jobs a lot was seen as a bad thing. You stuck with a crappy job for at least 18 months because you wanted to show you could stick with things. You moved to often and in interviews you were perceived as a flake and were not desireable.

Now is the exact oposite. If you don't move every three years you are seen as stagnant. Lots of movement shows a lot of desireability! As long as their are no major breaks in employment then moving jobs every 4 to 6 months is seen as a good thing! Obviously these other people sniped you away from someone else and now its this companies chance and you should be hired immediatly.

Whats sad is trying to explain this to my father, he can't understand why I HAVE to move jobs reguarly to make my raises and improve my job status. Things have truly changed in the last ten years.

Comment unmentioned factor (Score 4, Interesting) 1201

A lot of job postings are also created by going in and asking the person leaving what they do. While on the org chart they were a electrical engineer, over time they took on DB admin because that person got downsized, then network admin when they downsized that person, and janitor, when they got rid of the cleanig service and someone had to vacume and take out the garbage. This continues until the person does no electrical engneering anymore, but spends all his time being a sysadmin.

So the posted job, based on what the person leaving did, becomes "wanted : electrical engineer. Must have Oracle cert, VMware cert, CCNA, and MCSE and be able to lift 50 pounds reguarly and have a CS degree. " Jobs have so diverged from what the postion was for originally it screws up being able to hire because the listed skills no longer have any reference to the actual job being done.

Comment life but no civilization (Score 2) 84

Implications of the fact that step one in building a technology base/civilization is the discovery of fire, which for a methane based life source is not going to go over so well. I can only assume that development is going to be stunted in an enviroment where a strike anywhere match is the same equivilant as the deathstars laser.

Comment Biggest Change (Score 5, Interesting) 79

This is low level Cyber warfare and its starting to ramp up. this is like the introduction of planes in WWI. At first they waived at each other on their scouting mission. then someone brought a pistol, then a rifle. Then it was gunners and machineguns until we get the Red Baron and Fighter Aces. Next thing we know its jet Propulsions and heat Seakers, Stealth fighters launching! Make no mistake, Stuxnet was the First pistol at 1000 feet, what comes next no one can guess.

what is obvious is that Information Assutrance is no longer a support service, somewhere behind tech support and first to be cut, IA is now a front line warfighter task. Lets just hope the bean countes realize in time!

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