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Comment Not a "new battery of the week" we're used to (Score 5, Interesting) 306

I think this one differentiate from the rest in two aspects: first, this one looks much more production-ready than all the others I heard about (TFA says "has more charging cycles, supports fast charging, and isn’t prone to catch fire"). It may be necessary improve mechanical strength (the glass electrolyte can be too brittle for real world applications), maybe voltage or current throughput... what do you think?
And second, this one is from the man that did it once before. For me, it's good enough (^^).

Comment Re:I have the X power (Score 1) 89

I bought a LG X Power to my mother as a gift some months ago. She couldn't be happier. I found it's a great phone for non-techies. All the positive points you mentioned are true.

1.5 GB of RAM means swapping between two apps is slow as hell. The phone is slow as hell because the CPU sucks.

Weird, the model I bought have 2 GB RAM, and has great performance. She uses a reasonable number of apps, and never closes them (just hit home), and everything runs smoothly.


OK for non-techies.

"too hot"

Never happened.

The only downside I have is about the camera. It has a just-OK quality, worst than most flagship phones, and the camera app has no option to change resolution, among other missing things.

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 4, Informative) 399

I'm hoping 3D cinema are next to go.
Yes, it was fun in Avatar and all, but nowadays it only makes everything fuzzy and dark.
The last movie I watched in 3D was "Star Wars Rogue One", and I had no option for 2D (movie theaters here in Brazil are doing this dirty practice). In some scenes it was so dark I could barely see anything... I liked the movie, but 3D almost ruined it for me.

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