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Comment Re:Oh no (Score 1) 297

I've felt it (and I've felt plenty of other buzzes, too).

Notably, I have only felt it during the (few, brief) periods in my life that I've been in excellent physical shape. If I'd start exercising but quit before tiring myself out, I'd feel frustrated. But if I exercised to a decent level of fatigue, I'd feel a strong sense of well-being.

At the moment I'm in terrible cardio shape, and all I feel when running is awful. I don't think the "runner's high" happens until you're a runner.

Comment Re:Piloted? (Score 1) 82

The closest thing to what you're describing was a 2013 SciFi series called

They were hydraulically powered humanoid robots that beat on each other until either one of them stopped functioning or it went to the judges' decision.

I just watched some highlights and man, is that lame. The robots have legs, and the legs move like they're walking, but the robots are actually just stuck on the end of big metal poles that move them around the ring.

I understand that technology isn't to the point where a bipedal robot can balance itself while executing complex movements, let alone while something else is trying to knock it down. But what they have there is stupid enough that they just shouldn't have bothered.

Comment Re:Boycott will end this in less than a week (Score 1) 204

Buying my groceries from a different store for a month is one thing. But how do you expect a boycott of an ISP to work? People cancel their currently-installed service, possibly incurring an early termination fee, then pay to have competing service installed, which probably a) doesn't exist or b) is just another name on the same list?

I'm sorry, but a boycott is just an asinine suggestion in this context.

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